Zara continues its #Joinlife campaign

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, fast fashion is inevitable. There is a huge business solely based on advertising such products to increase sales and make businesses progress forward. Luckily, some companies, such as Zara, are ready to reverse this damage. Despite some saying this is too late, it is important that as fashion lovers we try to change what we have all contributed too.

Zara’s donation system is set up within store. Making it accessible to pretty much everyone. The clothes will be recycled, donated or sold through The Red Cross channels to fund their social projects. Also, with it being based in store, it means you can browse the store guilt free.

Many may think this is a gimmick. However, it is proving successful as within Huffington posts sustainability results, Inditex was positioned within the top three companies with a 76-100% sustainability rating. The other two companies were H&M, who have been renowned many of times for their recyclability ideas. As well as this, Levis. Which is very important as denim is one of the worse fabrics to manufacture. As the dyes damage the water systems.

Hopefully, this is a fashion revolution as on Zaras’ website, they have produced a whole section underneath the Join Life hashtag. Including, products which have been produced from this system.

Alongside this, Zara ships their orders in 100% recycled cardboard boxes. Which reduces their C02 emissions by 1.680 tonnes a year. Saving 21.840 trees. Reinforcing the idea that fashion can be guilt free.

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