Wrap Up Manchester This Winter

As you head to work this week you might want to take an extra coat.
The Wrap Up Manchester campaign is aimed at helping those in need this winter.

If you have a spare coat then a charity is considering donating it so it can go to homeless shelters, refugee centres, elderly organisations, women’s refuges and children’s centres.

The Human Appeal, which delivers aid to the impoverished nations, has partnered with Hands on London to bring this year’s winter campaign to Greater Manchester.

Once all the spare coats have been collected, they will be taken to warehouses, sorted and graded before being sent to organisations across our region that help a range of people in desperate need.

Organisers are also calling for volunteers to help sort the donations.

“We need the coats in the back of your wardrobe that you no longer wear,” a message on the appeal website reads.

“If a coat doesn’t fit you or suit you any more, please donate it! We’ll take any colour, style or size. We want them all, to help keep Greater Manchester warm this year.”

We Need Your Spare Coats

Do you have an old winter coat you no longer wear? Do you want to free up some space in your wardrobe? Well, now is your chance to hand it over to someone who really needs it.

Wrap Up Manchester is a heart-warming, award-winning winter campaign where we ask people like you to donate your winter coat so we can re-home it through our homeless shelters and refuges. Simple. We take any size, colour, and style. We’re into one thing only – doing something good to keep people warm.

Manchester – Out In The Cold

Sadly, homelessness has soared by more than 30% in the past year across Greater Manchester. The latest overall statistics show that 4,428 people in the region – that’s one in every 633 people – no longer have a permanent roof over their heads. Of these, 4,239 are living in temporary accommodation, while 189are sleeping rough. This trend doesn’t look like it’s going to reverse any time soon and many Manchester people are going to suffer over the coming winter months.

Give Your Old Coat A New Life

We need men’s, women’s, and children’s coats – especially men’s coats – so we can help keep Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow warm. Please note, that we are unable to accept fur or any other donated items other than warm coats for Wrap Up Manchester. Please scroll down for details on where and when to hand over your unwanted coat.

Exceeding expectations would be nothing new for the charity who aimed to collect 700 coats as they kicked off the scheme in Manchester last year but instead 1,500 items were received.

They are teaming up with Network Rail to use Manchester Piccadilly station as a donation site between November 13 and 15 while SafeStore centres across the north-west city, Glasgow and Birmingham will be available to drop off coats throughout the fortnight.

Othman Moqbel, Human Appeal’s chief executive said: “The winter months can be unforgiving for those sleeping rough or unable to afford a winter coat.

“We, in Human Appeal, want to not only offer a hand to those in desperate need of humanitarian aid, but to wrap an arm around those in desperate need of warmth.

“We aim to help people in need all across the world regardless of their race or religion or gender or location. Whether it’s someone in need in Mosul or Manchester, Human Appeal aims to help in every humanitarian crisis.”

Samra Said, Human Appeal’s UK domestic programmes manager who is leading on the Wrap Up Campaign, added: “The numbers of rough sleepers in the UK has risen by 133 per cent over five years. In the harsh winter months, Human Appeal empower all communities to come together through Wrap Up Manchester to help those most in need.

“Warm someone’s body with a coat and warm their heart by letting them know you care.”

Commuters and shoppers can drop off their coats at nine Safestore locations across Greater Manchester.

They can also be donated at one of the participating Safestore self-storage centres, or at CollectPlus shops.

Wrap Up Manchester has made donating your coat easy. Simply hand your coat over to one of the drop off points below in November and we’ll re-home it in December.

You can donate your old coats at any of the venues listed below between the 13th – 24th November 2017. If you prefer, you can also send your coats via CollectPlus. This year they will also be helping to wrap up the cities of Birmingham and Glasgow – please see all coat collection places and times below.


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