Stella McCartney awarded an award for her lifelong stance

Stella McCartney, a designer who is known for voicing her opinion, and standing up for what she believes is right. As a lifelong vegetarian, McCartney has always refused to use leather in any of her work, something which has been incredibly admired within the fashion industry. As a result of her powerful stance, it has led her to find innovative alternatives to leather, creating a new luxury that is ultimately suitable for people with the same beliefs as her.

It has recently been announced by the British Fashion Council will award McCartney with a special award. She will be the first-ever recipient of an extremely Special Recognition Award For Innovation at the Fashion Awards.

Speaking exclusively to Vogue, Stella tells them how her principals have driven her desire to find new approaches to fashion, design and business. She goes on to tell Vogue just how extraordinary it is, that she started this conversation a long time ago, and now it is the topic of a conversation, with people engaging and are not angry or dismissive.

Something extremely admirable about Stella McCartney is that she proved the doubters wrong. She put the design of her products first, stating that if customers loved the products they wouldn’t care if they were leather or not. She built a luxury fashion brand without leather shoes or bags, and it is extremely successful.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Gucci would stop using fur by the middle of 2018, a movement which McCartney had tried to start 17 years ago, however, it is only just happening now. Years and years of campaigning and sticking to what isn’t the ‘norm’, McCartney is finally being awarded for all of her hard work and innovative thinking.

Source: Vogue 

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