Nike Pro Launches the first Sports Hijab

Nike initially revealed back in March that they would be taking steps forward in the world of sports in relation to female Muslim Athletes, and arguably it was an extremely overdue step.

Now, Nike has officially launched their first sports Hijab, designed to be worn specifically for sport, which is a complete game changer as this makes them the first major sportswear brand to acknowledge the gap in the market for Muslim women who are wanting to compete in sports, but who are still wanting to respect their values.

The Nike Pro Hijab is much softer and light weight than a traditional hijab, allowing it to be perfect to compete in. It comes in a range of head sizes and faces shapes, which means that it is suitable no matter what your face size or shape is, and you can just focus on embracing being a wonderful female athlete, without having to sacrifice any of your values or feeling uncomfortable.

We think that this is a perfect, and long overdue, development in sport and fashion, and we are glad that Nike have officially launched their sports Hijab so now, females competing can do so while feeling extremely comfortable.

Photo: Elle
Photo: Elle

Source: Elle 

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