New year, New Burberry.

There are many, many, many fashion stories to discuss from 2017 and as always, fashion proves it still has a long way to go before it is predictable. As followers, we are always left wowed by the seasonal shows, the surprise, pop-up collections and the some-what questionable collaborations. Then, when we start believing our minds have been exposed to it all, rumours start circulating the industry regarding drastic changes to adored fashion houses. Leaving us unsettled and threatening what is to come next!

The topic in which we are refereeing to is the departure of a creative director who gave said brand a new existence.
Christopher Bailey  for Burberry.

As a young designer myself, I can not remember a time where Burberry was not creatively directed by Sir Bailey.

Of course, the brand had great success prior to his reign. After all, the trench coat is the origin of Burberrys existence. One which will remain a personal connection for some of the brand’s followers. Then, of course, there is the period in which Burberry switched classes and became adopted by the Chav culture. a time in the fashion which I personally find very inspiring and a juxtaposition which clearly inspired the former Westminster student. As Bailey produced collections which expressed  British elegance with a side order of attitude and rebellion. Very London!

In particular, it is this androgyny in which he will be remembered for. 


Unfortunately, it is natural that designers want to progress and push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Bailey will be missed and will always be recognised for the impact he had on Burberry’s revival. However, change despite its outcome, is always good. It creates a sense of unease at first, but potentially, this is an exciting new chapter for the company. After all, many threated over the departure of Raff Simons from Dior. Whereas now followers hearts’ flutter from one season to the next because they love the impact Maria Grazia Chiuri has had on their aesthetic. Because her accessory based background has brought a different source of inspiration to the company.

In reality, this is the same feeling felt in response to Bailey. Because followers will be debating his own move, not just the house of Burberry. Bailey, we salute you and thank you for constantly keeping us on our toes!


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