All The Way From Down Under…Tammy Hembrow x In The Style

The new In The Style Babe has finally landed…all the way from down under.
Introducing Tammy Hembrow x In The Style.

With a wildly popular fitness empire and enviable Instagram following, Tammy has revealed unveiled her latest project with e-commerce giants In The Style.

Hailing from Down Under, Tammy is known for her love of staying active, her jealousy-inducing island getaways and her 2 gorgeous children (can you say life goals?)

Serving up daily content in covering fitness, health and style, Tammy has become an inspiration to women all around the world.

Growing up in rural Australia surrounded by animals and nature, Tammy knew she wanted something different for herself. In search of a different scenery she left her hometown and traveled overseas, living in countries such as Malaysia, and Switzerland she discovered a new way of life that went beyond her front door.

Fast-forward to today, Tammy is now based on the Gold Coast, has a 7 million following on Instagram, over 850 thousand YouTube subscribers and a brand that just keeps growing bigger.

Bloggers and Influencers have become the new marketing tool brands use to sell their product due to how relatable and accessible they are with their followers.Their transparency lures and increases buying power all the while maintaining long lasting brand loyalty with customers.

It is no secret that the blogging industry is rapidly gaining popularity and respect in the corporate world as a developing ‘unconventional’ career for millennials. What was once considered to be as a hobby has found its rightful place in the new digital age, with many making a living off of it.

In between starting her family, she began her fitness journey, sharing her personal fitness tips using social media as her platform. “My interest in fitness became an addiction, and I was inspired by how good I felt but also the changes it was making to my body.” Not only was she making changes to her body, she was also inspiring her followers and mums to get their bodies back into shape after pregnancy.

From sharing her pregnancy experience to post-baby body, she has her fan base wondering how she’s managed to build a strong brand for herself on both a national and international level. “For me, it happened really organically and my main motivation is to share what I’ve learned with women all over the world.”

Grateful to her followers, Tammy appreciates the support and encouragement she gets. “My fans inspire me to keep pushing further and I hope to give back to my followers by sharing knowledge, experiences, and expertise,” says Tammy.

Behind the business mogul she is, Tammy gives credit to her family for the support they provide her, giving all the praise to her partner Reece for giving the space she needs to work on her dreams while working as a team to raise their children.


The launch of this killer new collection with In The Style is a chance for babes everywhere to get a look sprinklin’ of the good life, all over their wardrobe

The range features exclusives that let you bare all in backless dresses and slay in sleek and sexy cuts. Mix and match with cool co-ords and dress it up in some of the hottest looks of the season. The Insta queen has nailed it with the collection, you’re going to want a piece of this!

“We’ve been fans of Tammy for so long, she’s a massive star and it was a natural fit to collaborate on a range. I’m really happy to have her as part of the In The Style family and can’t wait to see the response to her collection.” Says Adam Frisby, director at In The Style.
The gorgeous new pieces are available now from 
Click here to shop and prepare to get your glam on Tammy style!

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