H&M Burns.

Don’t worry, this is not a horror story featuring your beloved Swedish retailer. Instead, their new association may just allow us all to live happily ever after.

In Stockholm, the heat and power station Vasera, is aiming to convert its current oil and coal generation to a fossil fuel-free facility by 2020. H&M is supporting this movement by donating unsellable stock. Which has probably been damaged through the manufacturing stages.
This is fantastic news but also not a shocking one for H&M. After all, the high street brand, produces regular eco-friendly collection. Setting themselves as a forward thinking retailer and as a threat to their fellow fast fashion competitors.


If we can produce more eco-friendly productions, whether that be in fashion or a power station, it purely means we are sustaining our future. Meaning we prolong the existence of resources needed to create the clothes we desire.  It is a give and take situation with this hopefully being the start of the two harmonising.

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