Got to LOVE ya

It was only a matter of time before the muchly anticipated Christmas themed Instagram stream from LOVE, encouraged the company to produce a physical edition. Without a hint of hesitation  CR GIRLS, 18 will fly off the shelves due to its content of 12 outstanding images. Purchased by both genders because it advocates female power. Looking beyond the physical sexy, this shows the sexiness of their mindsets.  For example, it features hard, working mothers (Candice Swanepoel). As well as young, driven business women (Gigi Hadid), which we LOVE! Alongside this, Roitfeld gives spaces to upcoming models. Showing the importance and strength which comes from women supporting one another!

The purpose of this production is equally as inspiring as the women photographed in it. One in which shows the true reflection of how women remain compassionate and caring. Whilst drive for success.

Roitfield, was undergoing personal training lessons with a visually impaired constructor. The success of her career despite her disabilities, has made Roitfield donate all profits to the Special Olympics Foundation.

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