The Couture Club Launches First Retail Store At intu Trafford Centre

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The Couture Club Launches First Retail Store At intu Trafford Centre

Launched in 2015, men’s fashion and lifestyle brand, The Couture Club (TCC) was born out of a love for street style and for its home city, Manchester. With a focus on individuality and finesse, The Couture Club has created an original and signature brand which has gathered a cult following. As an in-tune and innovative brand, the company leads with engaging social media campaigns and marketing awareness.

Created by business partners Scott Shashua & Ross Worswick, The Couture Club has seen exponential growth, not only in products offered but also in brand visibility. If you haven’t yet bought anything from the company, you’ve no doubt seen countless campaign images adorning billboards across the city or posters slapped on black cab taxi’s speeding around town.

The beginnings of the brand saw owner Ross, a popular reality tv star make a plan to be more than just a media face.

“I wanted to set up a business because there’s no point being given a platform in effect without doing anything with it.” The 28-year-old cleverly set up his own clothing brand after years of modeling clothes on social media and not making anything from it. “Being sent free clothes used to be exciting but I was making other brands loads of money and the clothes weren’t even that great quality.” Ross and fellow co-founder Scott Shashua, decided that if they worked hard, they could do a better job and created The Couture Club, where their designs are modeled by Ross and friends.

Directors Scott Shashua & Ross Worswick outside The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

2017, is proving to be a momentous year for the owners, The Couture Club has appeared on our very own SS17 MCR Fashion Industry catwalk and continued to rise beyond expectations since then.

Continuing it’s ‘brand-domination’ across the city, TCC’S next stroke of genius is an exciting presence in the form of a pop-up store located at the intu Trafford Centre, perfectly targeted towards the company’s demographic and also allowing old and new customers to shop in one of the North West’s most famous retail locations and experience the brand in person.

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

The adage “Here today, gone tomorrow” usually hints nostalgically at something that’s disappeared too soon. But when it comes to the increasingly common “pop-up” stores now dotting the retail landscape, the phrase describes something exciting, innovative and optimistic. For emerging brands, in particular, setting up shop in the short term, rather than settling in for the long haul, is a bona fide business strategy that creates and provides an opportunity to build further brand awareness, secure customer loyalty, and even test-market products or services with key consumers in real life.

Shopping is more than consumerism. It may involve the opportunity to spend the afternoon with friends, to temporarily alter the way one perceives himself/herself by changing physical appearance or surrounding oneself with the company they strive to keep. Despite the popularity of buying online, these highly emotional aspects of shopping maintain the appeal of buying in person.

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

Given the well-documented uptick in e-commerce sales, it might seem counterintuitive for companies to invest in a physical presence, but this isn’t the truth. Pop-up stores represent a strategic opportunity that emerging or pure-play e-commerce brands, in particular, may want to embrace in order to deepen their relationship with current and prospective consumers. In many ways, pop-up stores are a perfect retail solution to the Millennial shopper’s preference for “doing” rather than “owning.”

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

In today’s uber-competitive retail environment, it pays for brands to branch out in new and innovative ways to better understand and meet customers’ preferences. A carefully curated, strategically located, a well-executed pop-up store can help retailers build their brand while forging a deeper relationship with consumers now, and in the future.

For you fashionable male of ‘Generation Y & Z’ emerged in social media and the online world, many feel the shopping experience is no longer valued or more correctly, is undervalued. Whilst you can sit at behind a screen and order piles of products to your heart’s content, nothing can compare to the experience of walking into a store, taking in the atmosphere and being transported into a retail realm.

That’s exactly what The Couture Club does so well here, from the moment you walk in, you feel the brand and everything it stands for. It’s young, cool, edgy and ultra stylish. This is the brand you want to be seen in and feel like you should be wearing. It’s the brand your mates are talking about, backed by many popular tv & media personalities, it’s hard not to take notice.

The store has been meticulously planned, on arrival you are created with the freshest new music coming through the speakers, latest TCC campaign images brightly adorning the walls, eye-catching neon signs, and artwork all showing inspirations behind the collections.

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

It’s not all about reality tv stars and influencers, where other brands lack in quality, TCC shines through. These are solid wearable pieces that could fit into any boy or man’s wardrobe. Graphic tees, bomber & biker jackets, jeans, tracksuits, caps, shoes, all the essentials are here. From starting out with just 3 printed t-shirts the brand has now designed and released over 350 menswear products and fills the store space with ease alongside some popular ‘friends’ brands including Cali UK, Puma, Champion and Cortica footwear located on a huge shoe wall.

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

Don’t think this is all a one-man team, perhaps taking a step behind the limelight is shrewd businessman  Scott Shashua, with countless successful ventures including a football agency, supplement company, Selfie Sticks and Air Runners all to his name. The list is endless.

For Scott Shashua this is a real statement of intent for the brand, he told us “This is us turning dreams into reality, we never had any doubt in our mind that this could be achieved and now we’re happy for all to see.” “We’ve made a real conscious effort to give shoppers an experience, you can come into this store instantly feel our brand, what makes us different and what makes us special. It’s been a long road but all worth it.”

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

The store offers street style with premium quality and like store managers, Joe & Lewie told us ” This is a space you can come into and enjoy shopping, you’ll struggle to come here and leave empty-handed. It’s so easy to put an outfit together, everything is under one roof.”

The statement rings true, with a barbershop even included in the store, catering to all your male grooming needs.


The Couture Club store is certainly a welcome and refreshing addition to menswear and is set to take the Trafford Centre by storm, the brand’s mantra ‘Create Your Own Identity’ really speaks volumes for this new exciting project.  Make sure you visit to see it all for yourself.

The Couture Club Store is now open at The intu Trafford Centre,
Trafford Blvd, Stretford, Manchester M17 8AA
Instagram: thecouture_club


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