Fortis: Introducing Fashionable Fightwear

Introducing Fortis, creators of beautiful and exceptional fight gear and fightwear.

A new addition to the fashion world, Fortis is an exciting fightwear brand specialising in a unique range of boxing attire.

 MMA gloves and fightwear including t-shirts and fight shorts.

Fortis comes from the Latin word which means strong, brave and powerful. The lion represents and shares the same characteristics, the lion personifies Fortis. Every fighter has the same attributes and we are proud to represent the true fighters and warriors!

All of Fortis products are unrivaled in quality and we have a scrupulous and meticulous eye to detail.

Fortis are a visionary brand and have ambitious goals in place, aiming to be one of the leading fightwear brands in the near future. 

The brand has a deep passion for boxing and the finer details, this is showcased throughout our products. Each Fortis item has to undergo a scrupulous and painstaking design and engineering process.

There is multiple commitment and unrivaled passion for the game to ensure that Fortis will get to the top of the fight wear and fight gear industry. We believe that we Fortis can be a huge player in the fashion fightwear game.

We had pleasure of sitting down with Fortis owner Adnan Ramzan to tell us more about this intriguing brand.

“We started with selling and making our own brand of boxing gloves.  They are double stitched which makes the gloves even more and the gloves are just aesthetically beautiful to top it off.

“I actually used to do some boxing myself. Some of the boxing gloves I had used myself I thought were not good as they were made with shoddy materials and they were just flimsy and not well made.”

“After doing some research I thought I could make better boxing gloves and clothing. And thus Fortis started. Our clothing has some brave and bold designs and this is what we try to portray through our clothing and boxing equipment.”

“Everyone is a fighter and everyone fights for something and our brand is for the fighters. The lion epitomizes Fortis, our brand and our products as not only is the lion strong, brave and courageous but it is also king of the jungle. Something that embodies us.”  

“We want to portray strength, courage and bravery and we show that through our range of products.”

“In the future we plan to expand exponentially and plan to put sell our products through retailers as well as open our own stores. We also plan to expand our product range to many other product ranges including bottoms, jackets, trainers and various martial arts gear.”

“We plan to see ourselves at the top of the boxing industry as well as be known in the fashion industry. We want to be like Supreme and take over the industry. These plans may be ambitious but it is something we think is achievable.”


With Christmas and the holidays quickly approaching it is a good time to get some near gear. Good thing we have a holiday gift guide for boxers and boxing fans alike.

In this little guide you will find something for everyone including gifts for men, women and children.

We’ve made it easy by complying our best stuff together so it is easier for you to find the perfect holiday gift. Scroll down below to see what you can get.

Fortis ‘I Fight To Win’ T-Shirt

For all the winners out there, show everyone you only fight to win. This is a great t-shirt perfect for that perfect man or woman in your life or even as a gift for yourself.

holiday gym guide

Fits perfectly and looks awesome. Grab your t-shirt now.

Fortis ‘I’m the Best Ever’ Hoody

So this might seem slightly arrogant or boastful to wear but if you are the best ever, then why not let people know about it, it just makes sense! The quote on the hoody is actually taken from one of Mike Tyson’s quote in his post match interviews.

holiday gift guide

A beautiful hoody that fits great and available in a variety of colours. Also available in t-shirts and tank tops.

Fortis Boxing Gloves

Fortis flagship boxing gloves that are truly a work of art. Exquisitely hand crafted using the highest quality materials and superior quality leather.

boxing gloves

Comfortable to wear and features multiple layered padding for your protection and safety.

Available in two colours; black and white.

Currently our boxing gloves are only available to buy on Amazon for customers in the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Spain.

Fortis Gym Bag

Do you have loads of things and nowhere to put them? Maybe you’ve got your boxing gloves, hand wraps, kit and other stuff as well. Why not get our gym bag to put everything in. The gymbag is not only spacious but is also sexy!

holiday gift guide

The bag has the Fortis lion across the front and is aesthetically beautiful.

Fortis ‘Warrior’ Snapback

What better way of showing people you mean business by wearing the ‘Warrior’ snapback. Not only is it ultra stylish but also exhibits to people you are a warrior.

Warrior snapbacks

Comes in a number of colours and would make an awesome gift for anyone!

Fortis ‘Haters’ T-shirt

Do you have haters? It’s a good thing if you do. It means you’re doing something right. And what better way to acknowledge them than with this shirt.

haters gonna hate t-shirt

This is a gorgeous shirt that has ‘Haters gonna hate’ across the front of it. Obviously haters only have one thing they are good at and that’s hating.

Available in a number of different colours.

Fortis ‘Box’ Tank Top

holiday gift guide

A comfortable tank top that is good to wear for those hectic training sessions. Beautifully printed and also available in hoodies and t-shirts. Fit for both men and women and available in various colours.

Fortis Children’s T-Shirt

For all the little champions out there! Your little one’s won’t want to take the shirt off. It’s super comfortable to wear, made out of cotton and shows how much of a beast they are.

fortis t-shirt

Available in 7 different colours and for a steal of a price!


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BooHooMan Slay Christmas Jumper Collection

Here at Manchester Fashion Industry, we love a Christmas jumper, and if you’ve not checked out our Christmas jumper guide – a Christmas Jumper for everyone, then you totally should by clicking here.

But, somewhere that has completely upped the Christmas Jumper game is BoohooMan. BoohooMan are slaying their jumper collection, and we just had to pick out our ultimate favourites for you guys!

Photo: BooHooMan

To start our favourite Christmas jumpers is this simple, yet effective, black snowflake jumper. Not as elaborate or detailed as other Christmas jumpers, but BooHooMan have made a classic out of the most relatable thing to Christmas – of course, the typical English weather and snow! This can be found on BooHooMan in either black or grey, for £9.60 during their current 40% off Menswear offer, or £16.00 when the offer ends.

Photo: BooHooMan

Everyone loves a slogan tee, and what is better for the festive season than a slogan jumper from arguably everyone’s favourite Christmas movie, Home Alone. “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” has become one of the most recognised movie sayings, so the question is, why wouldn’t you want it on a totally festive Christmas jumper? This can be found here on BooHooMan for £10.80 during their 40% off sale, or £18.00 when the offer ends. It also comes in grey, red or black – plenty of choice for everyone!

Photo: BooHooMan

Christmas is the season for eating, and one of the food Christmas jumper collection is this beautiful navy jumper, also available in red, covered in Christmas puddings. If you want a traditional Christmas pudding themed jumper, you can get yours here for £10.80 during 40% off, and £18.00 when the offer ends.

Photo: BooHooMan

Polar Bears are so cute, so why not get yourself a Christmas jumper COVERED in Polar Bears? What we love about this jumper is, you could totally get away with wearing it when it isn’t Christmas… What more could you want? If you want an all year round Christmas jumper, you can get yours here for £10.80 during 40% off, and £18.00 when the offer ends.

Photo: BooHooMan

Not really into Christmas? Well, then why not let everyone know that you are more The Grinch than Father Christmas in this lovely red slogan jumper, stating that this is as Christmassy as you will get. If you want to display your obvious dislike for all things Christmas, grab yourself this jumper for £9.60 during 40% off, and £16.00 when the offer ends.

Photo: BooHooMan

Everyone needs a novelty Reindeer Christmas jumper, and this one is the ultimate Reindeer jumper. With the little cutie wearing a striped scarf, it is the perfect Reindeer jumper for your collection. If you fancy taking this little fella home, then you can be his new owner for £10.80 during 40% off, and £18.00 when the offer ends.

Photo: BooHooMan

Our final jumper for our ultimate BooHooMan Christmas Jumper collection is this grey jumper with Santa border detail. Around the neck of the jumper, there are 5 cute detailed little Santas – perfect as an alternative to a jumper plastered with Santas. This jumper can be yours here for £10.80 during 40% off, and £18.00 when the offer ends.

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Manchester beauties turn out in force for Sean Maloney and Fern Howe-Shepherd’s Make Up Master Class

We headed down to Sean Maloney’s celebrity-inspired makeup master class that he hosted with Fern Howe-Shepherd at his salon and academy in Eccles.

Sean and Fern both created glam looks on their models Chelsee Healey and Holly Peers and during the demonstration let guests know their top industry tips and tricks, as well as details on all the products they were using. My favourite tip for all you lip lining wearing beauties out there, don’t start in the middle and work down. Start at the outer bit of your lip and work your way up, not starting in the middle and down.

On the night there were many famous faces all looking amazing in their outfits, and taking advantage of the 8ft flower wall from the fantastic Starlight Venue. We thought what better thing to do than to showcase to you all of our 5 favourite outfits from the evening so you can take inspiration from them all!


Jess Impiazzi

Photo Credit: Aaron Parfitt

Jess Impiazzi, from Ex On The Beach, looked amazing in a wraparound with low rising black flared trousers and a flowery kimono, that of which looked perfect against the flower wall backdrop!


Laura-Alicia and Jsky

Photo Credit: Aaron Parfitt

These two beauties rocked the red carpet together teaming up two gorgeous outfits. Laura showed off her killer figure in a tight peach dress from Mirror Image Style. Jsky teamed up the perfect casual yet still slaying outfit. His jacket was custom made for him by Franded81, his jumper from Whistle Blower Clothing, jeans from the Couture Club and shoes by Goodwin Smith.

Chelsee Healey and Holly Peers

The two models for the evening were Chelsee Healey and Holly Peers who both were styled with Manchester fashion brand InTheStyle. Chelsee teamed her white co-ord with some gorgeous boots, and Holly teamed hers with a dainty pair of heels.

We loved seeing how everyone had dressed up for Sean and Fern’s event and loved watching both of them create some stunning looks on their models. They also looked equally as stunning, Sean rocking a beautiful suit and Fern teaming up gorgeous knee highs with her black skirt and top.

Photo Credit: Aaron Parfitt

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MCR Streetstyle: November


Manchester is a city known for being different, a city known for it’s iconic contribution to legendary music, a city known for community spirit, but most of all, a city known for a pride in fashion. The streets of Manchester are often the place to head to if you’re looking for inspiration for your next outfit purchase, or even just for ways to vamp up your existing pieces in your wardrobe.

Diversity is throughout the city, with everyone having their own unique twist on the outfits that they wear, this giving us the BEST inspiration for our own outfits. In a city, so fashion dominated you can walk through the streets at 8 am and see people in full glam outfits or people in the most casual (yet still completely on trend) outfits – there is so much diversity spreading its way through the city and we love it!

With such a fashion-conscious population living in Manchester, we thought what better thing to do than showcase this and show off true Manchester street style to

Our photographer Miriam Sabbah hit the streets of Manchester to see exactly what fashion you lot were wearing this month! Take a look at our gallery below and be sure to keep a lookout for our street team snapping around the city in the weeks to come, and you never know, YOU could be on here next time!

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Balsan & Capel: An Exciting New Menswear Brand

Introducing Balsan & Capel, an exciting Manchester based menswear brand that focuses on producing quality clothing with a unique twist.

The brand was created in homage to French socialite Etienne Balsan and English polo player, Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel who both had a huge influence on one of the most infamous and iconic fashion designers, Coco Chanel.

Balsan & Capel currently have a capsule collection called ‘Capel Casual’ which consists of soft cotton t-shirts, embossed with foil logos and delicate embroidery. The t-shirts are available in various styles and neutral colour ways, making them extremely wearable, versatile and appealing to a variety of customers.

Producing a quality item that is stylish and comfortable to wear is what Balsan & Capel aim to do and the capsule t-shirt range encapsulates this ethos perfectly.

Balsan & Capel have a vision to extend the brand from their ‘Capel Casual’ range of embossed t-shirts into high quality, tailored garments influenced by 1900’s France and the lifestyles, hobbies and fashion senses of its featured icons: Etienne Balsan and Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel. This vision has come to life and the brand are expanding into the ‘Balsan Bespoke’ range in 2018. This unique range will focus on intricate designs and details that are incorporated into high quality, tailored garments.

Sophisticated tailoring with a twist will head the collection, with quirky construction details such as subtle pleats, slits and folds that will be accents on a formal silhouette and add a touch of quirkiness to a traditional style. There will also be statement floral prints added to shirts and blazers, putting a feminine touch on a masculine garment – a trend that is everywhere this season.

Fabrics in the collection will be heritage-inspired and have military connotations and details, such as pieces in homage to the Blue Horizon uniform that was created by Etienne Balsan himself and worn by the French Army in the 1900’s. Although the tailoring side of the brand is inspired by the fashion traditions of the 1900’s, the unconventional details will make the pieces in the collection modern in every other sense.

The 2018 expansion will also see a hybrid between formal and casual wear. Expect to see vintage-inspired prints, such as floral blooms and more construction details that transfer a standard t-shirt and sweater into something stylish and unique.

Be sure to keep up with this exciting collection on the Balsan & Capel Facebook and Instagram

For wholesale and stockist enquiries please email –


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Remembering Azzedine Alaia

The Tunisian-born couturier Azzedine Alaia has died in Paris On Saturday at the age of 77. The designer, once dubbed “the King of Cling”, was highly revered for his garments that moulded the body into extraordinary proportions, the product of an obsessive craftsman who bears more resemblance to a sculptor than a fashion designer.

“Azzedine Alaïa was a true visionary, and a remarkable man. He will be deeply missed by all of those who knew and loved him, as well as by the women around the world who wore his clothes,” said Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful. “The generosity of his spirit and genius of his designs will never be forgotten.”

The designer has dressed everyone from Grace Jones to Michelle Obama, to remember his legacy we are looking back at some of his finest work and collaborations…


Alaïa began working in Paris in the 70s, designing for private clients. He launched his label for autumn/winter 1981, with the tight silhouette that he continued to use throughout his career.


Alaïa was crucial to the career of many stars – including Grace Jones. Her hooded pink dress, worn for A View to a Kill in 1985, has become a classic, most notably replicated for Kylie Minogue in the video for Can’t Get You Out of My Head in 2001.



Models dressed in Alaia’s dresses outside one of the designers Paris Fashion Week shows, (see Cindy Crawford on the far left)


Photographed with Madonna, shot by Steven Meisel


Christy Turlignton in Alaia – photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Vogue, May 1991


Every Clueless fan will remember Cher’s iconic quote from the film, in which she was more upset about the possibility of ruining her Alaia dress as it came from “ a totally important designer”  than getting mugged.


On the 11th of December 2011, the Groninger Museum, in Netherlands, opened an exhibition entitled Azzedine Alaia in the 21st century. This exhibition displays the most fantastic Alaïa fashion creations of the last ten years.

The exhibition was a follow-on to the overview of his work shown in the Groninger Museum in 1998, which was subsequently displayed at the Brant Foundation in New York in 2002.


One of Rihanna’s most memorable red carpet gowns was a stunning red Alaia piece that she wore to the Grammys in 2013.


Alaïa’s dresses were a consistent part of Michelle Obama’s FLOTUS wardrobe. She wore his signature skater-style dresses to events including the State of the Union address in 2014.


The designer backstage at his surprise 2017 couture show

Naomi Campbell opened the catwalk for Alaia’s final fashion show in July 2017

Sources: Vogue UK, The Guardian

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Designer Profile: Tommy Hilfiger

Here at Manchester Fashion Industry, we love everything fashion, and of course, with every great fashion venture comes an entrepreneur with a vision. Today, we take a look at American fashion designer who is globally known and loved, we delve deeper into the world of Tommy Hilfiger. 

Tommy Jacob Hilfiger was born on March 24th, 1961, in New York. He built his empire and brand using his signature red, white and blue tag, which is now recognised worldwide by consumers, fans and observers. His early career saw him opening several stores in the ’70s, before being approached to design a men’s sportswear line in 1984 which really pushed him onto the fashion playing board, and into a certain level of fame and fashion.

Since then, there has been no going back for Hilfiger, and his globally successful brand keeps growing and growing and is now a regular brand across multiple well established and extremely popular catwalk events.

He has worked with a huge list of stars, and has got the best models in the industry modelling for his collections including supermodel Jessica Stam and Gigi Hadid!  – something we find so admirable about Tommy.

Check out Vogue’s amazing summary of Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2017 Collection from London Fashion Week here.

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The Essential Peaky Blinders Fashion Guide


It’s the cult television show that’s back for another series and sure to have us glued to our screens in the run up to Christmas. Where else can we gain our appreciation for the undercut hairstyle and classic 1920’s style?  But how do you get the Peaky Blinders look? Read on to find out. 


The Idle Man – Jacket £80
Farah – Shirt £64
Barbour – Cap £35.95

Since Peaky Blinders first hit our screens in 2013, it has cultivated an unmissable reputation and has been a highpoint in original, addictive British drama. Offering more than compelling characters and a unique look at the unsung city of Birmingham, Peaky Blinders has also had a great influence on menswear.

Ever since we caught glimpses of actors Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy filming the series in the Manchester’s Northern Quarter earlier this year, we’ve been highly anticipating its return to our TV’s.

The look of the unique characters is sharp but not stuffy and it lends itself naturally to a modern reworking. To emulate this kind of historical-hip doesn’t require a full, three-piece herringbone suit (in the style of Thomas Shelby), but rather an emphasis on the details.

The outfits are made up of a number of key components which needn’t be worn all together in order to doff a cap to the genre. With this in mind, take a look at our guide to a few ways you can incorporate the Peaky Blinders style into your wardrobe.

the idle man waistcoat shirt peaky blinders how to mens street style
The style can be simple and kept to one colour palette


Farah – Shirt £64
The Idle Man – Trousers £50
Dr. Martens – Shoe £174

The Cap

The flat cap is a clear staple of the show. A pretty timeless accessory, this hat seems to have been popular with one tribe or another for the last century and can add a hint of heritage to an otherwise ‘modern’ outfit. We’re not saying wearing it with your joggers and trainers, but a cap matched with a slim fit denim jacket and a pair of chinos will effortlessly bridge the gap between preppy and alternative without looking overdone or out of place.

peaky blinders outfit still
The flat cap is a staple piece
PHOTO CREDIT: Peaky Blinders


Barbour – Cap £35.95
Barbour – Cap £31.95
Barbour – Cap £31.95

The Shirt

Of course, there is also the round collar (club collar) shirt, which is such a sharp and focal part of this look. In the actual period (and pictured here) the collar was detachable and buttoned into collarless shirts. These days your club collar comes attached to your shirt and adds a wicked vintage aesthetic to any jacket.

It automatically gives a softer look to your outfit with its rounded collar, so is great for adding some dimension to a slim fit, and otherwise ordinary suit. Adding a tie to the mix will help draw attention to the unique collar, and will fit neatly between the two, yet wearing it without is still a statement enough and will add some interest to your look.

peaky blinders shirt peaky blinders
The round collar
PHOTO CREDIT: Peaky Blinders


YMC – Shirt £119
Levis Vintage – Shirt £159
Farah – Shirt £64

The Trousers

Next, the generously cut, cropped trouser – these trousers, rather than your chilly-ankle inducing turn-ups, are worn with durable, work boots, the hem falling neatly to the top of the boot. You won’t be able to show off those socks you got for Christmas but then you’re probably okay with that.

There are plenty of contemporary takes on this style too with slimmer-cut, twill trousers doing a pretty similar job. You can pair these with a classic oxford shirt for a twist on the formal look, or go more extreme and add a waistcoat or vest. For a preppy, casual look, throw out the boots and match these trousers with flat brogues, (making sure to ban the socks) and pair with a button-up shirt or simple crew neck T-shirt.

peaky blinders tv still
A long overcoat is the perfect winter warmer


The Work Boots

The cropped trousers wouldn’t be complete without the thick soled, industrial looking work boots. Used for stamping through cobbled streets and keeping your rivals in line, these boots are hardy yet elegant and can be worn a number of ways to complete an outfit.

Matching them with a pair of black skinnies is an easy combination, and the look can be grunged up with a leather biker jacket thrown over the top. The versatility of these boots means you can also mix them with more formal attire, so slipping them on with slim fit suit will perfectly balance the look, keeping it smart yet not overdone.

redwing boots dr marten boots work boots
Keep your boots chunky and wear wiith some slim trousers


The Coat

The long, streaming, peak lapel coat instantly finishes off the look, adding a touch of elegant drama to the outfit. This is a coat that’s made to be seen, so think about complimenting it with your outfit rather than the other way around. Of course, like in the show, it matches perfectly with a full suit, but you can keep it casual with a plain jumper and jeans. Keeping the tones muted is a good idea however, as bright colours aren’t necessarily going to go with the sleek, sophisticated finish.

peaky blinders tv series still
A Peaky Blinders coat is the best accessory
YMC – Overcoat £449
The Idle Man – Overcoat £70
Wax London – Jacket £170

The Details

We’re now left with all the extra little details (very important to remember) – from pockets squares to braces, these criminals knew how to accessorise. The smart accessories add so much character to the outfits in the series, from the glint of a pocket watch chain across a woollen waistcoat to the braces and bow tie normally associated with an entirely more charming vintage style – they are toughened up here for a completely new aesthetic.

There’s so much more to the Edwardian-style popularised by the show that hasn’t even been touched on here: pocket squares and Tom Hardy’s top-hat being two of them. The popularity of the eras fashion is still growing and will no doubt creep further into the high street when the third series comes out.

peaky blinders
The right accessories complete the outfit

The Hair

Of course, one of the main distinctive looks of the Peaky Blinders look is the hair. Closely shaved at the sides and with the top carefully kept in place with a generous amount of pomade, this hairstyle immediately adds personality to an outfit. Ask your barber for an undercut to achieve the look, but if you want something similar, but not as extreme, try out the modern pompadour, where the sides aren’t shaved quite as short as the full on under-cut. Just make sure you’re keeping your hair looking its best with high-quality products.

The right hair cut and you’re good to go

Triumph & Disaster – Pomade £20
Baxter & California – Pomade Clay £22
Mr Natty – Paste £17

How to Get The Peaky Blinders Look

  1. A flat cap can bridge the gap between preppy and alternative without going overboard.
  2. Club collar shirts are one of the focal points of this look. Adding a tie will draw more attention to it although wearing it without is a statement in itself.
  3. Generously cropped trousers are worn to show off those leather work boots. Mix up with an oxford shirt or even add a matching tweed waistcoat for a more authentic look.
  4. A long overcoat will finish off the outfit as it matches perfectly with a suit. However, can also be dressed down with sweats as long as the colours are kept neutral.
  5. The little details can make or break this look. Adding a gold pocket watch and braces will add give that Edwardian edge.

Peaky blinders full cast

The Peaky Blinders guys and their signature look

Garrison Tailors

A worthy mention must be given to Garrison Tailors, the Birmingham-based company has just launched its website selling luxury menswear. It’s partly owned by Steven Knight, the creator of the hit BBC gangster drama.

He wanted to produce clothes which let men dress stylishly like the 1920s gangsters but with a modern edge, so it doesn’t look like fancy dress.

Garrison Tailors, named after the pub the Shelbys own, hopes to open a shop in Birmingham and offers perfect Christmas presents for Peaky fans.

The site features suits, shirts and caps all based on characters clothing from the series, with references to all throughout the product names including the Thomas, Shelby and an Arthur cap, to name a few.

Garrison Tailors –

On That Note

By cleverly incorporating a few key elements of the looks above, you should be repping the Peaky Blinders aesthetic in no time. Remember, it’s not about throwing on every vintage-inspired piece you’ve got in your wardrobe and grabbing the first top hat you can lay your hands on – slowly, and subtly, inject elements of the classic British menswear into your outfits and you’ll be giving Cillian Murphy a run for his money in no time!

(Sources: Idle Man)

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Five Menswear Coats You Should Be Wearing Right Now

When it comes to outerwear for men, you might assume that their shopping experience would be simpler than women’s, and that their choices would be limited. In reality it is quite the opposite, in that the array of options for a particular style or trend may have varying subtle differences that make choosing the right one for you, a complex process.

If we first focus on the shape that menswear coats are taking this season, we may see how they differ from previous years. It should come as a relief to some, that skinny fit everything that ruled men’s clothing has now taken a turn to a more relaxed, even oversized fit, and this is also the case for outerwear and coats. This slightly oversized charcoal grey, Peaky Blinders-esque piece from Private White’s A/W 2017 Menswear collection (below left, Vogue) showcases this relaxed way of keeping warm perfectly. Cult classic Barbour showed us a move from its typical well fitting, perfectly shaped wax jackets for a more relaxed fitting and distressed look (below right, Vogue).



When it comes to outerwear for men, you might assume that their shopping experience would be simpler than women’s, and that their choices would be limited. In reality it is quite the opposite, in that the array of options for a particular style or trend may have varying subtle differences that make choosing the right one for you, a complex process.

Padded jackets follow suit from the oversized trend in outerwear this year, only this time they follow a chicer design. Moncler, arguably the top downs jackets and ski coats brand of all time has always showcased this trend, but now with more of an edge, an abundance of laces and ties were added to the pieces showcased in the Gamme Bleu collection for AW17 which gave a unique mountaineering look (below, Vogue). Moncler might have never stopped giving us padded jacket chic, the only difference is now everybody wants to wear it, but this time, its smarter than the North Face padded jackets everyone once favoured so dearly.


Once we see how the shape and fit of menswear coats has evolved, we can start to look at more specific trend aspect, such as texture and colour. My most favourite texture corduroy has returned. Corduroy is so versatile in that the way it fits can manipulate its wear so drastically. A baggy pair of corduroy trousers compared to a well fitting suit of the same fabric gives off a totally different look. Officine Generale (bottom left) and Hermes’ (bottom right) AW17 collections conveyed the smart aspect of corduroy wonderfully.

Officine Generale also shows us one of the hit colours for menswear this season, moss green, and as we can see here, it is mostly paired with high-texture fabrics. It is a colour that suits all skin tones, and goes perfectly with the earthy tones that haunted the catwalks for AW17. In keeping with such tones of the season, orange was displayed en masse on the runways and can be used to add some interest to your black, navy and grey staples. Givenchy gave us this brave look with this incredible bright orange duffle (below left, GQ). Similarly, Mia Vesper created some outlandish unisex pieces for the fashion brave (below right, Vogue). They are all handmade from vintage fabrics and perfectly demonstrate the Western trend that is trickling down amongst designers into both men’s and womenswear.

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Fashion’s Hottest Brands Of 2017 – Q3

Balenciaga has stolen Gucci’s crown to become the hottest brand in fashion. According to the latest data analysed by website BoF in partnership with search platform Lyst — which tracks 4.5 million data points per hour from over 65 million annual consumers, five million products and 12,000 brands — the Demna Gvasalia-designed brand climbed two places to top the hottest brand ranking in the third quarter of 2017.

Gucci dropped one place, coming in second this quarter, but continues to excel as the most consistent performer in the hottest brand ranking to date this year. Between July and September, the label launched Gucci Décor — an eclectic line of home furnishings and treatments — and announced its collaboration with Dapper Dan, driving brand searches across the e-commerce sites Lyst aggregates.

But the real success story this quarter is the impressive ascent of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White, which jumped 31 places to become the third-hottest fashion brand in the world in Q3, knocking Kanye West’s Yeezy — which ranked number two last quarter — out of the top 10.

Abloh, part of a new guard of fashion designers who are elevating streetwear through high-end production and brand positioning, has a notable talent for cross-platform messaging, be it as DJ Flat-White, directing a music video for popular US rapper Lil Uzi Vert, or through his collaboration with Ikea.

Although Off-White is well suited to Millennial and Gen-Z consumers’ internet-driven dress codes, which happily mix high and low price points as well as disparate aesthetic and cultural influences, some industry critics find fault in the brand’s referential nature. Nevertheless, its commercial traction is undeniable; last year Abloh said his business experienced triple-digit growth year on year between 2013 and 2016.

Consumer engagement with Abloh’s brand grew significantly in the third quarter. In July, Off-White partnered with optical disruptor Warby Parker on a line of sunglasses, and in September Abloh paid sartorial homage to Princess Diana during the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 show, which was closed by Naomi Campbell wearing white cycling shorts and garnered significant press attention.

Virgil Abloh with supermodel Naomi Campbell walking the runway at the Off-white Spring Summer 2018 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on September 28, 2017 in Paris, France. (Photo by Catwalking/Getty Images)


However, the brand’s biggest driver of engagement by far was Abloh’s collaboration with Nike, which saw him reimagine 10 models from its archive including the Air Jordan 1, Air Max 90, Blazer, Hyperdunk and Air Force 1. Over the period from July to September, page views of Off-White products across Lyst’s partner sites increased by 184 percent, while searches increased by 63 percent quarter on quarter.

Off-White’s presence in the top three underscores the rise of streetwear brands within the realms of high-end fashion. According to consultancy Bain & Company, as Gen-Z consumers’ share of wallet grows, streetwear has helped boost global sales of personal luxury goods by 5 percent to an estimated total of €263 billion ($309 billion) in 2017.

Indeed, digital natives that have grown up in an era of hype-culture and product drops are the perfect conduits to build buzz online. This quarter, four of the five new entrants to the Lyst Index — Off-White, Stone Island, Moncler and Raf Simons — are right in the streetwear sweet spot, making an appearance in the top 10 for the first time.

Casual-wear brand Stone Island jumped 33 places this quarter, thanks to leaked details on its upcoming collaboration with Supreme, and the impact of Canadian rapper Drake’s decision to extensively wear Stone Island on stage during his ongoing world tour.

Similarly, searches for Moncler spiked after British rapper Skepta was photographed wearing the brand’s upcoming collaboration with Craig Green.

Finally, Raf Simons, who in June won both the best womenswear and menswear designer CFDA awards for his work at Calvin Klein, released his eponymous brand’s much-discussed “duct tape belt” priced at £281 (about $372) in August.

The Belgian designer is regarded as a streetwear inspiration by a number of influential rap artists, including Travis Scott, Frank Ocean and A$AP Rocky — in July, A$AP Rocky released a single entitled “RAF” in tribute, contributing to a 34 percent spike in Raf Simons search enquiries this quarter.

The Rising Influence of Rappers

While fashion’s relationship with hip-hop and rap first began in the 1980s, over the last decade the industry has developed closer relationships within the hip-hop community than ever before. As a result, rappers have become powerful brand ambassadors, and have a strong influence on consumer purchases.

Frank Ocean (who features on A$AP Rocky’s “RAF” track) and Kendrick Lamar have both fronted Calvin Klein campaigns. Travis Scott has worked with Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang, while A$AP Rocky has collaborated with J.W. Anderson on a capsule collection and appeared in Dior Homme campaigns.

A$AP Rocky is as influential as ever.

Pharrell has walked the runway for numerous Chanel’s Métiers d’Art shows and is now a co-owner of G-Star Raw, along with his own Billionaire Boys Club label, while Kanye West’s Yeezy collaboration is one of the most in-demand shoe brands in the world.

Drake dropped his “Signs” single in collaboration with Louis Vuitton at the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 menswear show and caused a 104 percent spike in searches for Moncler’s Maya Red puffa jacket with his 2015 hit “Hotline Bling,” which has now been viewed 1.2 billion times on YouTube.

Louis Vuitton SS18 Show

To discover which rappers currently wield the greatest influence on fashion, the report assessed editorial covers, campaigns and collaborations to shortlist 20 rappers, before using Lyst data to gauge their influence on consumers, measured through product searches driven by their music videos and consumer search traffic to their brands and collaborations.

Unsurprisingly, Kanye West secures the number one spot, though not by a significant margin. Pharrell, one of a handful of male Chanel ambassadors, a major Adidas collaborator and now the part owner of G-Star Raw follows in third place, just behind Nicki Minaj.

Indeed, female rappers are also creating significant media value through social media. Minaj’s social posts, and 83 million Instagram following (more than double Drake’s 37 million and eight times Pharrell’s 10 million), created more than $14 million in earned media value for brands including Chanel, Gucci and Versace, according to Tribe Dynamics.

However, Minaj has yet to effectively impact the fashion industry with her own line. Her line with K Mart was shuttered this year, reportedly due to dwindling sales.

Cardi B

Likewise, newcomer Cardi B ranks in fourth place in our ranking of influential rappers. Despite having no collaborations or campaigns under belt, she has created an estimated $4.5 million media value in 2017 to date, and the massive 217 percent spike in searches for Christian Louboutin shoes since June is attributed to her “red bottoms, bloody shoes” hit “Bodak Yellow.”

The Top 10 Products

However hype doesn’t always convert into sales. Though the Balenciaga Speed Trainer, which topped the ranking in Q3, is a streetwear product, the influence of the streetwear vertical and by association rappers is far less evident in the Top Product ranking.

Photo credit: Liam Heeley

The ranking continues to be dominated by womenswear and is made up of the similar category mix as in Q2. Footwear continues to be the strongest category with five different pairs of shoes featured on the list, including, in fifth place, the Gucci Bloom sliders which topped last quarter’s product ranking (and were the only re-entrant).


Article source & credits: Business Of Fashion 

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