Zara continues its #Joinlife campaign

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, fast fashion is inevitable. There is a huge business solely based on advertising such products to increase sales and make businesses progress forward. Luckily, some companies, such as Zara, are ready to reverse this damage. Despite some saying this is too late, it is important that as fashion lovers we try to change what we have all contributed too.

Zara’s donation system is set up within store. Making it accessible to pretty much everyone. The clothes will be recycled, donated or sold through The Red Cross channels to fund their social projects. Also, with it being based in store, it means you can browse the store guilt free.

Many may think this is a gimmick. However, it is proving successful as within Huffington posts sustainability results, Inditex was positioned within the top three companies with a 76-100% sustainability rating. The other two companies were H&M, who have been renowned many of times for their recyclability ideas. As well as this, Levis. Which is very important as denim is one of the worse fabrics to manufacture. As the dyes damage the water systems.

Hopefully, this is a fashion revolution as on Zaras’ website, they have produced a whole section underneath the Join Life hashtag. Including, products which have been produced from this system.

Alongside this, Zara ships their orders in 100% recycled cardboard boxes. Which reduces their C02 emissions by 1.680 tonnes a year. Saving 21.840 trees. Reinforcing the idea that fashion can be guilt free.

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New year, New Burberry.

There are many, many, many fashion stories to discuss from 2017 and as always, fashion proves it still has a long way to go before it is predictable. As followers, we are always left wowed by the seasonal shows, the surprise, pop-up collections and the some-what questionable collaborations. Then, when we start believing our minds have been exposed to it all, rumours start circulating the industry regarding drastic changes to adored fashion houses. Leaving us unsettled and threatening what is to come next!

The topic in which we are refereeing to is the departure of a creative director who gave said brand a new existence.
Christopher Bailey  for Burberry.

As a young designer myself, I can not remember a time where Burberry was not creatively directed by Sir Bailey.

Of course, the brand had great success prior to his reign. After all, the trench coat is the origin of Burberrys existence. One which will remain a personal connection for some of the brand’s followers. Then, of course, there is the period in which Burberry switched classes and became adopted by the Chav culture. a time in the fashion which I personally find very inspiring and a juxtaposition which clearly inspired the former Westminster student. As Bailey produced collections which expressed  British elegance with a side order of attitude and rebellion. Very London!

In particular, it is this androgyny in which he will be remembered for. 


Unfortunately, it is natural that designers want to progress and push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Bailey will be missed and will always be recognised for the impact he had on Burberry’s revival. However, change despite its outcome, is always good. It creates a sense of unease at first, but potentially, this is an exciting new chapter for the company. After all, many threated over the departure of Raff Simons from Dior. Whereas now followers hearts’ flutter from one season to the next because they love the impact Maria Grazia Chiuri has had on their aesthetic. Because her accessory based background has brought a different source of inspiration to the company.

In reality, this is the same feeling felt in response to Bailey. Because followers will be debating his own move, not just the house of Burberry. Bailey, we salute you and thank you for constantly keeping us on our toes!


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Got to LOVE ya

It was only a matter of time before the muchly anticipated Christmas themed Instagram stream from LOVE, encouraged the company to produce a physical edition. Without a hint of hesitation  CR GIRLS, 18 will fly off the shelves due to its content of 12 outstanding images. Purchased by both genders because it advocates female power. Looking beyond the physical sexy, this shows the sexiness of their mindsets.  For example, it features hard, working mothers (Candice Swanepoel). As well as young, driven business women (Gigi Hadid), which we LOVE! Alongside this, Roitfeld gives spaces to upcoming models. Showing the importance and strength which comes from women supporting one another!

The purpose of this production is equally as inspiring as the women photographed in it. One in which shows the true reflection of how women remain compassionate and caring. Whilst drive for success.

Roitfield, was undergoing personal training lessons with a visually impaired constructor. The success of her career despite her disabilities, has made Roitfield donate all profits to the Special Olympics Foundation.

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H&M Burns.

Don’t worry, this is not a horror story featuring your beloved Swedish retailer. Instead, their new association may just allow us all to live happily ever after.

In Stockholm, the heat and power station Vasera, is aiming to convert its current oil and coal generation to a fossil fuel-free facility by 2020. H&M is supporting this movement by donating unsellable stock. Which has probably been damaged through the manufacturing stages.
This is fantastic news but also not a shocking one for H&M. After all, the high street brand, produces regular eco-friendly collection. Setting themselves as a forward thinking retailer and as a threat to their fellow fast fashion competitors.


If we can produce more eco-friendly productions, whether that be in fashion or a power station, it purely means we are sustaining our future. Meaning we prolong the existence of resources needed to create the clothes we desire.  It is a give and take situation with this hopefully being the start of the two harmonising.

Winter is coming and Hunter is creating a shiver of excitment.

As the nights draw in earlier each night it is apparent that winter is finally here. Despite the lack of light it is not all doom and gloom. Thankfully fashion is there to save the day.
in particular, Hunters will put a warm, glowing smile back on many cold faces this season with their new snow range.
Their produce is both practical and desirable. As well as being long last due to the technical use of fabric. Making them a guilt-free purchase this Christmas!

MCR Fashion industries’ TOP PICKS:

The original top clip backpack: This water proof nylon backpack, is leather trimmed and available in 6 other colours. As well as a miniature version. In which both feature adjustable straps and padded products. The larger version, as featured below, is £115. The miniature, £85 If the price tag starts to create doubt, do not threat! Mountaineering, is a big and timeless trend in high fashion. For example, Balenciaga, explores the Alps regularly, using skiing as a prime concept. Therefore invest and enjoy because skiwear is here to stay.
This product is neoprene lined. Features a lightweight sole, has a drawstring fastening for comfort. A quilted inner layer and a bungee cord tightening feature at the top of the boot to increase warmth. Valued at £195. The snow boots exploded graphic print, designed from their famous logo, resembles similar aesthetic to Gosha Rubchinskiy. As the Russian designer, is well known for this sharp typography, similar to the font displayed in the image below.
Gosha Rubchinskiy scarf


Women’s original rubberized jacket The iconic hunter jacket is waterproof and windproof- ideal for the famous Manchester weather. Hold on to the taste of summer with this baby pink alternative to its original black version. Was £225 now £65 (27/11/17)


If the price tags are starting to scare you, do not threat! Mountaineering, is a big and timeless trend in high fashion. For example, Balenciaga, explores the Alps regularly, using skiing as a prime concept. Therefore invest and enjoy because skiwear is here to stay.


Balenciaga oversized shell Parka

Plastic fantastic: How fashion can reverse the damage.

Come 8 pm Sunday night, members of the UK cosy up in front of their televisions anticipating the next episode of David Attenborough’s mind-blowing documentary series; Blue Planet!
Whether it be his use of high tech visuals or the soothing of Attenborough’s narrating, we all wait, ready to be educated, captivated by his knowledge.
Unfortunately, there is one element of the series which we all dread. The discussion of plastic. In 1907, man celebrated one of their greatest creations; an indestructible material which was about to change the world as we knew it. However, its indestructibility is now destroying the many things we care for. Plastic products contently drift through the oceans currents and become desirable sources of food to the sea creatures. Evidently, so as whales have washed up on beaches where their stomach content contains purely plastic.

Luckily, there are a few members of society who pledge to reverse these effects. Organisations’ such as Surfers Against Sewage ( ) are a prime example.
Alongside their annual beach cleanups, they produce plastic alternatives. This is because customers are starting to become conscious of their purchases. Positively meaning they are starting to look beyond aesthetic and instead are wanting to spend their hard earned money on items with a purpose.

Bouncy castle wash bag


Reusable stainless steal water bottle


Adidas Goes Plastic

A prime example of the movement in fashion, is Adidas and Parleys’ collaborative trainer. Which was produced from ocean plastic.
In fashion, this is known as a Bi-product. Where you extend the life cycle of an existing material instead of producing new. Perfect for plastic as it takes over 15 years to erode.

Adidas X Parley Ocean Plastic trainers

In history, fashion has been known to speak volumes. Plastic free organisations will thrive of support from huge corporations such as Adidas as they have such large followings. Meaning, their input, will create a ripple effect. As some customers may have been unaware of the damage created from plastic until they purchased the trainer.
Throughout media, fashion receives a lot of negativity towards its production. Its high demand, causes catastrophic damage to the planet. However, with the publics love for Attenborough documentaries and their continuous love for innovative items, maybe, this is the start of a plastic free and fashion forward future!

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Music’s relationship with fashion

Throughout the decades, Manchester has celebrated the importance of music. Embracing the concept that a temporary environment is used by individuals, but shared collectively, as a form of expressionism.
Whether it be the Northern Soul period or the Hacienda. Manchester encourages the community to come together and rave as one!

In connection to this, the fashion worn to said events has been documented throughout the decades and stored away in the Mancunian archive. The style worn in the environment is a reflection of how the music makes the participant feel. More than often, garments are chosen with movement in mind. Initially, rave outfits appear thoughtless and care free. However, there is a methodology used because the attendee wants to achieve maximum duration at the event. This concludes with some amazing outfits and is often a source of inspiration to fashion designers. It is either used as a concept to form singular collections. Or, used intently to build brands aesthetic.

Most recently, The Warehouse Project advocated the connection between fashion and music through a collaboration with the Italian apparel brand, Stone Island. The brand’s emergence from Madchester and its previous association with Britpop and football seemed fitting to Manchester’s born event.
The desire for Stone Islands high-tech sportswear has clearly returned, with vintage items becoming desirable collective pieces. With the intent that their heritage pieces exude incremental hipness.
On 6th October, Omar S, Joy Orbinson and Kirk Degiorgio were chosen by Stone Island as a reflection of their brands aesthetic. Trance techno played throughout the night in Manchester’s Old Granada Studios.

Stone island projected their iconic logo on the studio’s wall. Creating the perfect back drop. In which fans, donned in a soft shell and down feather puffer jackets (unworn and tied around the waist), gathered patiently in front of. Hoping they could snap edgy photographs. As documented by Vinay Jamnadas in the image below. This photograph is then shared on social media. Acting as a declaration of the brand.

Beautifully, Stone Island created limited edition T-shirts featuring the iconic Manchester worker bee. All proceeds went to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. Creating merchandise like this highlights how fashion can be used powerfully.

Some key pieces for A/W:





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