Christmas Makeup: the best festive limited editions

Makeup often makes appearances on many girls Christmas lists. So whether you’re stuck for the perfect gift or if you’re unsure on what to ask for yourself, we have scoured the internet to find the best festive limited edition makeup items to help you out…



The ultimate present for any lipstick lover. This stunning snowball mini lipstick collection from MAC features 12 of the brands favourite lipsticks. Each comes in limited edition packaging to match its shade – making it the perfect collectable item. Shades include Velvet Teddy, Whirl, Ruby Woo and Please Me. This limited edition set retails for £85.



Benefit is one of the best makeup brands when it comes to packaging and their collection for Christmas 2017 is no different. This set includes everything you would need for long lashes and sun kissed, glowing skin. It contains 4 of their best-selling products: high brow pencil, they’re real! mascara in black, hoola bronzer and high beam. The best part is that it comes in a limited edition, reusable tin! This product can be bought at Boots for £34.50.


Charlotte Tilbury


Charlotte Tilbury is one of the biggest names in the makeup industry, so we couldn’t quite do a ‘best of’ makeup post without mentioning her amazing products. This Christmas, Charlotte has released a Beauty Icons gift box containing her award-winning most loved products. In the box (which is beautifully packaged we might add), you get: a magic cream, full fat lashes, wonder glow, KISSING in Penelope Pink and a Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk. This gift set can be bought at John Lewis for £55.



This palette from NARS includes a bronzer, blush and highlight making it the ideal cheek trio and a must have for anyone’s makeup collection. At £35 and featuring the brands best-selling Laguna bronzer we predict that this palette will be highly requested – pick it up whilst you still can.




The NYX Lingerie Vault had to make out list, we think it would be hard to find someone who wouldn’t love this set! At £65 it contains 24 shades of Lip Lingerie liquid lipstick as well as 6 brand new shades. This vault is bound to make you the envy of all your friends.

Jouer Cosmetics



if you can’t glow at Christmas then, when can you? This Powder highlighter trio from Jouer cosmetics will ensure you do just that this festive season. At £35 these incredibly pigmented highlighters will help you achieve the intense, lit from within skin finish that is very on trend right now.


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Zara continues its #Joinlife campaign

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, fast fashion is inevitable. There is a huge business solely based on advertising such products to increase sales and make businesses progress forward. Luckily, some companies, such as Zara, are ready to reverse this damage. Despite some saying this is too late, it is important that as fashion lovers we try to change what we have all contributed too.

Zara’s donation system is set up within store. Making it accessible to pretty much everyone. The clothes will be recycled, donated or sold through The Red Cross channels to fund their social projects. Also, with it being based in store, it means you can browse the store guilt free.

Many may think this is a gimmick. However, it is proving successful as within Huffington posts sustainability results, Inditex was positioned within the top three companies with a 76-100% sustainability rating. The other two companies were H&M, who have been renowned many of times for their recyclability ideas. As well as this, Levis. Which is very important as denim is one of the worse fabrics to manufacture. As the dyes damage the water systems.

Hopefully, this is a fashion revolution as on Zaras’ website, they have produced a whole section underneath the Join Life hashtag. Including, products which have been produced from this system.

Alongside this, Zara ships their orders in 100% recycled cardboard boxes. Which reduces their C02 emissions by 1.680 tonnes a year. Saving 21.840 trees. Reinforcing the idea that fashion can be guilt free.

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New year, New Burberry.

There are many, many, many fashion stories to discuss from 2017 and as always, fashion proves it still has a long way to go before it is predictable. As followers, we are always left wowed by the seasonal shows, the surprise, pop-up collections and the some-what questionable collaborations. Then, when we start believing our minds have been exposed to it all, rumours start circulating the industry regarding drastic changes to adored fashion houses. Leaving us unsettled and threatening what is to come next!

The topic in which we are refereeing to is the departure of a creative director who gave said brand a new existence.
Christopher Bailey  for Burberry.

As a young designer myself, I can not remember a time where Burberry was not creatively directed by Sir Bailey.

Of course, the brand had great success prior to his reign. After all, the trench coat is the origin of Burberrys existence. One which will remain a personal connection for some of the brand’s followers. Then, of course, there is the period in which Burberry switched classes and became adopted by the Chav culture. a time in the fashion which I personally find very inspiring and a juxtaposition which clearly inspired the former Westminster student. As Bailey produced collections which expressed  British elegance with a side order of attitude and rebellion. Very London!

In particular, it is this androgyny in which he will be remembered for. 


Unfortunately, it is natural that designers want to progress and push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Bailey will be missed and will always be recognised for the impact he had on Burberry’s revival. However, change despite its outcome, is always good. It creates a sense of unease at first, but potentially, this is an exciting new chapter for the company. After all, many threated over the departure of Raff Simons from Dior. Whereas now followers hearts’ flutter from one season to the next because they love the impact Maria Grazia Chiuri has had on their aesthetic. Because her accessory based background has brought a different source of inspiration to the company.

In reality, this is the same feeling felt in response to Bailey. Because followers will be debating his own move, not just the house of Burberry. Bailey, we salute you and thank you for constantly keeping us on our toes!


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Stay warm in Noose & Monkey this winter

The countdown is officially on for our event with the incredible brand that is Noose & Monkey – and you can be there! If you fancy being there on Thursday 14th December, then click here and go across to the post which has all the information on about how you can RSVP your place.

In the excitement of our event, we have been spending hours looking at the brand, and all that Noose & Monkey have to offer, and we wanted to celebrate this. Recently the weather has taken a very snowy approach, and with that in mind, you will all be needed a nice warm winter coat, are we right? Don’t worry, here at MCR Fashion Industry, we have your back. We have put together our favourite Noose & Monkey coats for you to take a look at and you can get hold of your favourite almost instantly by clicking on the coat and it’ll take you directly to the website!

Dill Borg Overcoat Cream – £180

Photo: Noose & Monkey

Clove Cream Borg Harrington Jacket – £125

Photo: Noose & Monkey

Hinton Coat Faux-Pony Hair Grey – £99 sale price (£180)

Photo: Noose & Monkey

Hinton Wool Overcoat Dark Camel – £99 Sale Price (£150)

Photo: Noose & Monkey

Faux Ponky Skin Herringbone Coat with Gunmetal Chain – £199

Photo: Noose & Monkey

Mint Funnel Neck Coat Black – £180

Photo: Noose & Monkey

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

At MCR Fashion Industry we know how hard it can be to find the perfect Christmas present. To help you out we have put together our top picks of Christmas gift ideas for her, from makeup to perfume to candles and scarves there is something for everyone and for all budgets.


Every year Estee Lauder create some of the most beautiful makeup gift sets that come in such gorgeous packaging, making it even more special. The ‘Party Chic Shimmering Eyes’ set is one of our favourites. It retails for £33 and includes an eyeshadow duo, a lash plumping mascara and an eyeliner pencil.


For the lipstick lover: The Sleek MakeUP Matte Me Metallic Must Haves.This set includes 4 of the brands best-selling Matte Me Lip Creams in super wearable shades that suit every skin tone. At £6 for the set, you can’t go wrong!





Pandora have released their Winter Jewellery Collection for 2017, and like every year they did not disappoint. They also offer a personalised gifting service which provides your loved one with a unique piece that she will undoubtedly treasure forever. Prices range from £15-£120.



This chic Topshop clutch would make the ideal gift for a lady who likes to party. It’s stunning design would automatically vamp up any night out outfit. The bag also comes in black and retails for £27.


At £250 this DKNY leather tote bag may be on the pricier side; however, the design makes it worth it. The colour, size and shape of this bag make it a timeless staple that she will be able to use over and over again with any outfit, for any occasion.



Kiehls are synonymous for their amazing skincare products that are hard not to love. This holiday season they have released a selection of their favourite essential products including their bestselling Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Ultra Facial Cleanser. This limited edition set retails for £47.’s-holiday-limited-edition-skincare-gift-set/p3324295

Another skincare favourite comes from Clinique and their More Than Moisture Skincare Gift Set which includes an Extended Thirst Relief, Overnight Mask, Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate and Moisturising Lip Balm – all for £40!



Perfume is a must have on every girls Christmas list. For the high-end lovers, we recommend Miss Dior by DIOR. This is a classic fragrance that has proven to be popular amongst a wide demographic of women of all ages. Prices range from £52 for 30ml to £130 to 150ml.


For a smaller budget, ZARA do some of the best perfumes around. Their most popular, Femme, retails for £12.99 for a mammoth 200ml! At this size, the perfume is bound to last until next Christmas.



Candles make lovely presents for women of all ages. Yankee Candle release a range of Christmassy scents every year, our favourite is the classic ‘Christmas Eve’ candle. You can pick up the large jar in Debenhams for £24.


Jo Malone also produce some of the best candles on the market. Their most popular being the Pomegranate Noir Home Candle for £45.



For the Winter season, one of our favourite boots comes from Topshop in the HERO Ankle Boot. They come in black and red and retail for £85. Choose black for the timeless, elegant option whilst red will ensure she is bang on trend with a statement boot.



The famous Burberry check cashmere scarves had to make an appearance on our gift guide. The scarf is one of the brands top selling items and is bound to make any fashion lover very happy. The scarf sells for £350 and comes in a range of colours to suit everyone.


For a cheaper alternative to Burberry scarf, ASOS offers the Super Soft Long Woven Scarf for £12 – an ideal gift for the cold Winter season.



Would it even be a Christmas Gift Guide without featuring the product from Lush? Of course, we had to choose the famous Snow Fairy gift set that includes 4 best-selling products; the snow fairy shower gel, magic wand, snow fairy body conditioner and jelly bomb – all for £24.95!


A more luxurious bath product comes from the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Scrub for £37. This scrub is perfect for those who love a pamper. It naturally conditions and protects the skin whilst gently exfoliating with milk, coconut, almond and vanilla.



One of our favourite watch picks of this year is the Michael Kors Mk2659 Ladies Strap Watch. A great choice for those seeking a sleek and modern present. The watch can be bought from House of Fraser for £199.


Similar to the Michael Kors, but at a fraction of the price, is the Olivia Burton Grey Lilac Large White Dial Leather Watch at £82 on The watch has a real leather strap and stainless-steel case with a chic design.

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Got to LOVE ya

It was only a matter of time before the muchly anticipated Christmas themed Instagram stream from LOVE, encouraged the company to produce a physical edition. Without a hint of hesitation  CR GIRLS, 18 will fly off the shelves due to its content of 12 outstanding images. Purchased by both genders because it advocates female power. Looking beyond the physical sexy, this shows the sexiness of their mindsets.  For example, it features hard, working mothers (Candice Swanepoel). As well as young, driven business women (Gigi Hadid), which we LOVE! Alongside this, Roitfeld gives spaces to upcoming models. Showing the importance and strength which comes from women supporting one another!

The purpose of this production is equally as inspiring as the women photographed in it. One in which shows the true reflection of how women remain compassionate and caring. Whilst drive for success.

Roitfield, was undergoing personal training lessons with a visually impaired constructor. The success of her career despite her disabilities, has made Roitfield donate all profits to the Special Olympics Foundation.

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How fashion repeats itself

We are products of the past in every way; the way we live and think is vastly affected by what came before us, and this is no different in the world of fashion. There is no doubt that in our current climate, we are all decided that the days of our parents’ and even our grandparents’ youth was a cooler time, displayed in the way they lived their lives and in the way they dressed. Sometimes we don’t even realise we are wearing what was popular before the turn of the century, we didn’t go through those trends the first time around so everything seems new to us. The inspiration for designers has to come from somewhere and the past is a great place to look to reinvent and reintroduce some classic looks.


The reinvention of style can come in many forms, for example, brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry have reinvented their old styles to ensure their relevance and to bring their names back to the top of the industry. Similarly, classic names and styles such as Levi’s, double denim and Macs surpass the years and reoccur in our wardrobes time and time again.


There are different theories arguing how long the cycle of fashion takes to come back around but it, of course, can vary depending on multiple factors, seasonal changes or what a key influential designer decides to push at that time. Modern designers are now referencing the past so often that the cycle theory may have collapsed and maybe all styles from any era are continuously in and out of fashion.


We know that popular old-school styles from the 1970’s to the 1990’s are often repeated; the question of why is quite simple. Media has injected this era into our lives for years. We grew up watching ‘Austin Powers’, ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘That 70’s show’. Our parents show us pictures of their youth and we hear stories of a better time before technology took over our lives. Once decided something is cool and desirable, we try to recreate it. The most obvious and relevant example of this is the hit BBC drama Peaky Blinders. The undeniably cool style (and haircuts) of the Peaky clan has affected men’s style unequivocally, bringing back a classic look from as far back as the 1920’s. This slightly oversized charcoal grey piece from Private White’s A/W 2017 Menswear collection (below, Vogue) showcases this perfectly.

Some other key trends that have been repeated include 70’s bellbottoms. They were reimagined in the 90’s as flares, which is what we know and love them as today when they returned triumphant (again) in 2015. This cropped pair from Louis Vuitton (below, Vogue) showcases an elegant and very ‘in’ way to rock them now.

Of course, you can’t mention iconic fashion repeats without the beloved choker. Britney Spears, an icon to many, blessed 90’s teens and kids with the inspiration. Now, they’re still going strong after being back for what feels like a lifetime. Chokers may be a trend that rears its head for decades to come. They can be dated back to the 90’s, the 40’s, the 20’s and further on to Ancient times.


Old school fashion was designed to show off the human body. Fitted shirts and trousers with eclectic patterns and designs are a trademark of the past that young people have not experienced and wish they could, trying to reclaim a past that never belonged to them and that only brings with it the good memories from those days. In a world so torn apart and beaten down by politics and technology, a glance at the past reminds us of a seemingly cheerier and simpler time, personified by their excellent fashion.

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Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid announce location of their next collaborative runway show

Both household names, both craftsmen in their industries – Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger have already taken their ongoing design collaboration to New York, Los Angeles and London. But where next? The duo will be taking the collection to the heart of Italy, Milan.

Hilfiger announced that his fourth consecutive collection with supermodel Hadid will be showcased at Milan Fashion Week on February 25th. The Spring 2018 see-now, buy-now collection follows the pair’s most recent TommyNow show, which debuted at London Fashion Week in September. Including both menswear, and womenswear, the collection will be available to buy straight from the runway.

In a statement from the brand, Hilfiger said “My vision for TOMMYNOW was to create a global platform that we could take on tour to bring our show experience to new audiences around the world” he continued to say how it was about “the fusion of fashion, entertainment and pop culture with experiences, performances and inspiring interactions”.

But will Milan be the final collaborative show between Hadid and Hilfiger? Only time will tell, but we don’t think the TommyxGigi extravaganza will end just yet.

Source: Elle

Photo: Getty

Selfridges Christmas Exclusives – Our Top Picks

Selfridges around the festive period is truly magical, it holds such a special feeling for many people and can offer some of the most decadent and stylish gifts. As Selfridges caters for both men and women, it is a one stop shop for your Christmas shopping needs. They have produced an edit for Christmas gifts, which contains some designer classics that everyone will love and some unusual gifts that might catch your eye to give to someone special. We have selected our favourites and each item can be shopped with just one click on the pictures below – Happy shopping!

For Her

Gucci – Marmont leather purse, £495

Gucci has been everywhere this season and it’s not stopping at Christmas. The infamous Marmont range is classic and timeless, a perfect investment piece for the girl who loves designer. This festive red leather will make the perfect gift this Christmas, but if the red is too daring, it also comes in black – bonus!

Olivia Von Halle – coco silk-satin pyjama set, £380

Olivia Von Halle make the most amazing pyjama’s, reflected in the price tag, these silk pyjamas are the epitome of luxe and will get lots of wear over the festive period. Investing money in pyjamas will means the person you give them to will have them for many more Christmases to come. This sky blue shade is beautiful and will be great to wear all year round.

JW Anderson – pierce medium leather shoulder bag, £1,095

This seasons ‘it’ bag in a classic black shade – an all round winner. This bag is big enough for everyday essentials and is extremely versatile taking any outfit from day to night in an instance. In terms of designer handbags, JW Anderson is a great starting point as the prices creep just over the £1,000 mark, compared to the likes of Chanel and Saint Laurent, it’s a good access point for designer arm candy and this classic shape with a unique twist will be perfect in anyone’s wardrobe.

Monica Vinader – linear woven silver friendship bracelet, £115

Jewellery can be a really meaningful gift over the Christmas period and this Monica Vinader bracelet would be the perfect option for something a little bit more personal. As the strap is adjustable, you can ensure it will fit perfectly and you can even get the bracelet engraved at the Monica Vinader counter in Selfridges on Oxford Street in London or the Trafford Centre in Manchester  – a perfect gift for someone special.

For Him

Saint Laurent – logo grained leather card holder, £115

Saint Laurent are a brand that do cardholders very well – a classic shape with a no-fuss logo that is chic and loved by everyone, it would make the perfect gift if you’re struggling for ideas and this on-trend navy leather is a nice change from classic black, but is still completely timeless.


Reiss – Roscoe wool and cotton-blend coat, £225

Some people may avoid buying clothes as a gift for someone as fashion taste is something that is very personal. However, if you’re buying for someone you know well, then this coat is a great gift. It’s classic but trendy and would be great for someone who loves tailoring for that slightly smarter look – again the on trend navy is something different from the traditional black.

Ted Baker – Hemlock ombre checked scarf, £45

As the weather gets colder a scarf is essential; go for a classic check print in a neutral colour way that will go with everything! This Ted Baker style is a good price point for a secret santa gift or it would make a perfect stocking filler for a man – you can’t go wrong with this one!

MCM – Dieter monogram medium nylon backpack, £650

MCM is a great brand to invest in as not everybody has it – stand out from the crowd with this monogram backpack that would be perfect for a city commuter or it would make a good hand luggage bag for someone who travels a lot. In a classic colour that is stylish and practical with a stand out silver buckle, what’s not to like?


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All photographs sourced from

The Fashion Awards 2017: The Winners

The nominees for the 2017 Fashion Awards were chosen from hundreds of international names, and are said to represent the most creative talent and innovative businesses of the year. These are the words of the BFC Chairman Natalie Massenet told press upon unveiling the nominees back in October, according to Vogue. 

To celebrate the 2017 Fashion Awards, we have listed all the winners below – who are all very worthy of their titles.

Model Of the Year

Adwoa Aboah

Outstanding Contribution to British Fashion Award

Christopher Bailey

British Designer of the Year – Menswear

Craig Green for Craig Green

British Designer of the Year -Womenswear

Jonathon Anderson for JW Anderson

Accessories Designer of the year

Jonathon Anderson for Loewe

Swarovski Award for Positive Change

Maria Grazia Chiuri

Urban Luxe Brand


Isabelle Blow Award for Fashion Creator

Pat McGrath

British Emerging Talent – Womenswear

Michael Halpern for Halpern

British Emerging Talent – Menswear

Charles Jeffrey for Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Business Leader

Marco Bizzarri For Gucci

Special Recognition Award For Innovation

Stella McCartney

Style Icon

Donatella Versace

Designer of the year

Raf Simons

Source: Vogue

Everyone here at Manchester Fashion Industry is sending huge congratulations to all the winners, very well deserved.

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