boohooMAN Launch Their Premium Collection

Global online fashion retailer boohooMAN have added another string to their bow, as their first ever limited edition Premium collection has launched on their website this week.

The collection, which is modelled by British model and Instagram sensation Brian H Whittaker, is made up of 40 individual pieces of ready-to-wear and accessories, that span a price range of £12-£120. The higher price tag is reflected in the luxurious and high-quality materials used throughout the collection.

Bold-prints, luxe faux fur, intricate embroidery and generous embellishment make up a lot of the collection, along with oversized aviators and pea coat tailoring that gives the capsule range a Balenciaga feel, for a fraction of the price.

The collection is dominated by statement details and prints, that could be worn alongside boohooMAN’s main clothing line to create the perfect look.

Whereas some high end fashion brands can go too overboard, boohooMAN have cleverly made each piece wearable by adding unusual touches here and there, giving this collection an immediate high end aesthetic.

The use of high quality materials is what sets the Premium range apart, they have cleverly kept to classic silhouettes that would appeal to a mass male market, but have used exciting materials and textures that play on key trends this season, such as stand out sequin bomber jackets, borg lined denim and ombre colour ways, that would perhaps appeal to a different market.

There is also an addition of formal wear with a paisley print suit and jackets with lapel detail that will have you looking uber-stylish for any special occasion in an instant.

Jay Hassan, Menswear Communication Officer at boohooMAN said: ‘Affordable, fast fashion is a huge focus for boohooMAN, however, we wanted to appeal and encourage customers who tend to invest in key, one-off pieces to shop with us by creating an exclusive offering of luxury product’.

There is certainly something for everyone in this premium capsule collection, whether you’re adding a statement piece to a simple outfit, or if you’re creating a whole new look for your wardrobe.

boohooMAN have wisely kept some best selling details from their main collection, such as the infamous ‘MAN’ slogan on muscle fit tees that have been seen on the likes of P.Diddy.

They haven’t completely changed the brand’s ethos with this collection, it’s simply a new direction that this fashion empire has taken in a world where luxury is what everyone is looking for – and it works.

The collection is available to shop now –


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The Future Of Fashion: Sustainability In The Industry

Given the number of parties usually involved in producing a garment, transparency in the fashion industry is no small feat.

From farmer to consumer, there are multiple steps along the way to create the t-shirts, jeans and dresses we all frequently buy. And buy we do. According to a study from McKinsey & Company, annual clothing production exceeded 100 billion items for the first time in 2014. Consumers also now keep said pieces for about half as long as they did 15 years ago, and nearly three-fifths of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being made.

When discussing sustainability and its forward motion into the fashion industry, we should first explore its history. In the broadest terms, sustainability came hand in hand with the political and social movements of the 1970’s.

The post war mentality of increased spending and consumerism lead to dissent among some. With the political and social movements that ensued, so did a greater awareness of human impact on the planet. You could say the hippie movement for a kinder, more environmentally aware world wasn’t taken too seriously; but they certainly started a trend that is ever growing nearly 50 years later.

In more recent years, a desire amongst consumers for more sustainable fashion, or ‘eco-fashion’ has occurred, and has made quite an impact on social media.

Even without wanting to/realising it, I have found myself cringing at the sight of real fur coats and clothing. Of course, sustainability in fashion can refer to many aspects of the process/industry, from the materials used, how they are worked, who is involved to fast fashion and landfills. As awareness spreads about the issue, more and more people want to know where their clothes come from, and what it means to buy fast fashion in terms of the planet.


Blockchain is a technology where brands can share, real-time, updated product information for retailers to immediately report back to suppliers on things like stock levels and customer feedback.

It was traditionally used to trace transactions in the banking sector and made its fashion debut during a Shanghai Fashion Week. As well as streamlining business processes between retailers and suppliers, its goal is to also establish trust, accountability, and transparency between brand and consumer.

It’s most immediate and obvious use in fashion is to verify the originality of a garment and its general history, allowing customers to be aware of how the products they are buying were made, where and who by, humanising the process; thereby garnering greater trust and brand loyalty by going into unprecedented detail about garments.

This allows the new interest in the history of clothes to be more accessible to consumers, allowing them to understand the layers of complexity involved in bringing a product to the market and its life after. It will shift the mentality away from fast fashion, where we buy and bin our clothes so regularly, so we instead value items and choose to give them away once we are done with them.

The trend is growing, and designers must listen, but also lead the way, taking control of how thoughts are changing. For sustainability to win over non eco-thinkers, the fashion must come first. Typically, eco-fashion inspires bland images; beige, oatmeal, woven and boxy shaped pieces that smell like earth. When in fact, eco-fashion can be just as luxurious as disposable, fast fashion. Forbes even said that ‘green is the new black’.

Some brands you already may know and love are making waves in the sustainable movement. Stella McCartney, OBE and animal rights activist was one of the first big names to introduce a more sustainable attitude to her work. In a recent Vogue article, her new sunglasses collection was revealed, which were designed not only with the modern woman in mind but also with a focus on what sustainable luxury looks light right now.

She parallels her ready to wear collection and sunglasses line in design and ethical stance. The new addition of metal frames to the range incorporates technically complex bio-lenses that are made from natural plant extract. This, amongst many other elements to her collection shows her unrelenting commitment to sustainability. (Vogue, June 2017)

In 1991 Nike came under fire for their low wages and poor working conditions of Indonesian factory workers, which lead to consumer protests and boycotts. Now, Nike is one of the world’s most sustainable companies. Their new Flyleather trainers’ look and feel like leather but are not made from animal hide, but from leather scraps and polyester blend fibres.

The process of making denim is extremely tough on the environment. Levi’s, the originator of blue denim, is now one of the first denim companies to reduce the amount of water used in manufacturing; and plan to use 100% sustainable cotton by 2020.

The latest ‘Wellthread’ collection uses Levi’s ‘Water<Less’ fabric which saves more than 60% of water in the dye process. The garments are also made from single-fibre cotton that is totally recyclable and made in factories that have an emphasis on and invest in the wellbeing of its workers.

Sustainable fashion is more present than we may think; often we are investing in the sustainable movement unknowingly because the garments are undetectable in their sustainably. Eco-fashion must be accessible and desirable; the industry is making moves in this area but must one day overtake favoured brands in style as well as ethics to compete for consumers.

It is important that knowledge and transparency are readily available to consumers so that they may make informed decisions regarding their purchases. Blockchain is empowering fashion brands to do this by educating consumers on product life cycles and is going to redefine and revolutionise the meaning of fashion by including and being paramount about honesty.

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Manchester Set To Be Wowed By Outdoor Halloween Gothic Show

Manchester city centre will be transformed into an extravagant Gothic catwalk for a unique fashion show just before Halloween.

The Gothic Styles Street / Fashion Show will take over Exchange Square on Sunday 29th October (6pm) as a fitting finale for the 2017 Gothic Manchester Festival, hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University, which this year is all about Gothic style.

Real-life goths, punks, steampunks and other assorted ‘weirdo mosher freaks’ will strut, stomp and parade their individual dress sense for the public of Manchester.

Interspersed with the street style will be fashion looks from students and alumni of Manchester Metropolitan University and other local colleges and universities, showing the pervasive influence of goth sensibilities in traditional and contemporary haute couture.

Underpinning the show is a message of tolerance of how people express themselves in their style, and it will be supporting the Manchester Evening News’ #westandtogether campaign.

Sylvia Lancaster OBE, chief executive of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation said: “We are looking forward to joining everyone at the catwalk where together we will celebrate individuality through fashion.

“Self-expression through fashion and make-up is a hugely important part of who you are – come along and show us who you are!”

Gothic resurgence

The show’s intention is also to bring public attention to the exploration of the Gothic mode within fashion. The show includes “real” Goths celebrating their own original style and a range of young designers’ work.

Jennifer Richards, Lecturer in Fashion Promotion at Manchester Fashion Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University, and curator of the fashion show, said: “Audiences can expect to see a celebration of Gothic modes within fashion, ranging from street style to haute couture. The show will also include performance, music and a grand finale.

“With the emergence of derivatives of the Gothic via a range of New Goths – Health, Ninja, Pop, Lolita, Glam and Victoriana trends, there currently seems to be a resurgence in the fascination with all things Gothic. The exploration of Gothic themes in fashion has been apparent within the industry for a number of years, but has steadily gained momentum from collections by designers including Rodarte and Thom Browne.

“These new facets of the Gothic mode reflect its resilience and ability to adapt over the subsequent years and decades. These adaptations strengthen its core and stay true to the Gothic’s origins.

“The show includes a range of young designers work who are studying at local colleges, local designers who have studied at a range of universities in the Manchester area and the North West, and recent graduates and alumni from national universities including the University of Westminster in London”.

“With the emergence of derivatives of the Gothic via a range of New Goths – Health, Ninja, Pop, Lolita, Glam and Victoriana trends, there currently seems to be a resurgence in the fascination with all things Gothic.

Sound tracked by goth music, introduced by two queens of goth-dom – Rosie Lugosi – The Vampire Queen and Manchester’s monochrome drag par excellence Liquorice Black – this will be a catwalk to remember and a brilliant way to round off your Halloween weekend in the city.

A fashion shoot offering a sneak preview of the stunning creations which audiences will be treated to during the show was conducted at the neo-Gothic John Rylands Library, longstanding supporters of the Gothic Manchester Festival.

The Gothic Styles Street / Fashion Show is part of the Halloween in the City programme of events, produced by Manchester BID.

Free tickets to the show are available now via the Gothic Manchester Festival website, where you can also find the full jam-packed itinerary of this year’s festival.

Other events include body-beautiful horror in a film screening of The Neon Demon, discussions on the cultural function of contemporary Gothic style, a new exhibition from the Manchester Gothic Art Group, and a guided tour of Manchester’s Gothic architecture that reveals the history of death and despair that writhes just below the city’s glossy surface.

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A Stylish Nod To Halloween With In The Style

Halloween is just around the corner and for some, dressing up and finding an original idea is enough to put them off the occasion altogether. Maybe you don’t like dressing up at all, but you’ve been invited out and don’t want to let your friends down. Halloween costumes don’t have to be about rooting through the dusty fancy dress box at your mum’s house, or trying to recreate an OTT make-up tutorial.

You can play on classic trend pieces and add a spooky twist to your favourite outfit to ensure you’ll look an absolute treat – with not a scrap of fake blood in sight.

The key here is to elevate your usual looks that you love with some small Halloween details, the perfect place to start is a slogan t-shirt. They’re everywhere this season for a reason and they are here to stay. They are easy to incorporate into any of your outfits and are more of a subtle nod towards a Halloween dress code.

Once you have your t-shirt nailed, you can play with texture and colour, by adding a pair of PVC trousers, your favourite killer heels and a swipe of red lipstick. A simple twist on a classic proves that you can be Halloween ready in no time.

A failsafe swap you can make to achieve your Halloween look is to ditch your classic black jeans for leather or PVC trousers to add that cat suit-like glamour to your outfit. Keeping your look all black may seem a bit mundane, but it’s a super easy way to make you look that little bit more Halloween appropriate and with the addition of appropriate accessories, you can become a cat or a witch in an instant.

If PVC or leather isn’t your thing, then a jumpsuit is also perfect Halloween attire. Jumpsuits are a one-stop-shop and all you need to do is add appropriate accessories – the perfect outfit for anyone who has left things last minute.

A great way to dip your toes into the fancy dress pond is to accessories with Halloween themed accessories, delicate cat ears can look great when they’re paired with a simple black jumpsuit, and a lace eye mask will have you looking mysterious in no time.

Small details like this won’t have you looking too done, but they show you have made an effort to stick to the theme, whilst keeping your style fully in check.

All items can be found on or click on the images in this post to shop the looks instantly.

Use the code: SCREAMQUEEN for 30% off discount

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Kourtney Kardashian Collabs With Pretty Little Thing For Latest Collection

Every girl needs that one drop-dead gorgeous dress to ensure all eyes are on her this party season, well look no further, because Pretty Little Thing has launched their latest celebrity range to make sure you stand out from the crowd and we’re in love.

The latest collaboration campaign features none other than modern household name Kourtney Kardashian.

She’s sassy and shamelessly sexy, taking over the pretty little universe and bringing you a hot right now, need-right-now collection, PrettyLittleThing x Kourtney Kardashian.

In a league of her own, beyond her beauty, charm and 60 million dedicated Instagram followers Kourtney has created a capsule collection as iconic as her. Bringing you 40 pieces of pure glam all designed by Kourtney herself alongside the PrettyLittleThing in-house design team. It’s a collection that will be reviving your Saturday night wardrobe and adding a high-end flare.

In the 10 years that Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been on the airwaves, each of the sisters has become a fashion and beauty mogul in her own right. Kim has KKW Beauty, Khloé has Good American, Kylie has Kylie Cosmetics and Kendall has become a bonafide supermodel. Now Kourtney‘s cementing her footprint in the fashion world, too.

Queen Kourtney leads us into party season with the ultimate high voltage dance floor dresses and disco-inspired pieces made for after dark. Own the night in sultry satin pieces infused with intricate lace detailing.

Go big for heavy metal with all over sequins as disco aesthetics and show some skin in barely there mini lengths and pieces featuring killer cut outs for the fashion brave only.

Consider these pieces the party icons you need to rack up all the likes. This collection is better than breaking the internet, it’s breaking your style goals. Bible.

PrettyLittleThing x Kourtney Kardashian combines her own sense of style, sexy but always chic. Bringing to life old Hollywood glam with a modern makeover.

Power dressing at its finest with electric lime faux fur coats and popping pink jumpsuits made elegantly fierce. Kourtney updates the LBD with bandage detailing, sheer mesh and sequin caged detailing for the ultimate ‘girl’s night out’ vibe.

Oozing the Studio 54 cool factor with decadent flares and plunging necklines, not forgetting the metallic-tastic gold glittering mini dress this is one collection not to be missed.

 These are far more than just party pieces, PLT have seriously upped their game and delivered  jaw-dropping dresses. Strut your stuff at your next big outing in anything from this range and be sure to turn those heads.

Kourtney says on the collection; “My inspiration behind the collection was studio 54, 70s Cher vibes, we wanted to do bright colours like, add a little life to it with sequins and faux fur and it’s turned out really amazing.. It’s been amazing working with PrettyLittleThing because it’s fun accessible fast fashion.”.

Kourtney’s love for clothing design extends well beyond her time in the spotlight. The 38-year-old studied fashion design in high school and costume design in college, and still owns the same sewing machine she started using as a teenager.

“I used to sew my friends’ clothes on the weekend if we were going out and they wanted something, just for fun,” she told us. “My love of clothes since I was so young – playing in my mom’s closet and even my passion for interior design – has helped with this.”

In the end, once Kim and Khloé saw their sister’s final pieces, they totally approved of Kourtney’s work. “Khloé wrote me because she was out of town a lot when I was doing it, so I mostly showed it to Kim, but she was like, ‘Oh my god, congratulations. The collection looks amazing. I am so proud of you,’” she said.

Speaking on the latest partnership, Umar Kamani, CEO at PrettyLittleThing says; “I am absolutely thrilled to be launching this collection with Kourtney. We’ve been working on this for a very long time and it’s been a fantastic journey. We have brought her ideas and inspiration to life. I have always admired Kourtney and her style resonates so well with the PLT girl.

The gorgeous new pieces are available now from, click here to shop and prepare to get your glam on Kardashian style!


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The Couture Club Launches First Retail Store At intu Trafford Centre

Launched in 2015, men’s fashion and lifestyle brand, The Couture Club (TCC) was born out of a love for street style and for its home city, Manchester. With a focus on individuality and finesse, The Couture Club has created an original and signature brand which has gathered a cult following. As an in-tune and innovative brand, the company leads with engaging social media campaigns and marketing awareness.

Created by business partners Scott Shashua & Ross Worswick, The Couture Club has seen exponential growth, not only in products offered but also in brand visibility. If you haven’t yet bought anything from the company, you’ve no doubt seen countless campaign images adorning billboards across the city or posters slapped on black cab taxi’s speeding around town.

The beginnings of the brand saw owner Ross, a popular reality tv star make a plan to be more than just a media face.

“I wanted to set up a business because there’s no point being given a platform in effect without doing anything with it.” The 28-year-old cleverly set up his own clothing brand after years of modeling clothes on social media and not making anything from it. “Being sent free clothes used to be exciting but I was making other brands loads of money and the clothes weren’t even that great quality.” Ross and fellow co-founder Scott Shashua, decided that if they worked hard, they could do a better job and created The Couture Club, where their designs are modeled by Ross and friends.

Directors Scott Shashua & Ross Worswick outside The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

2017, is proving to be a momentous year for the owners, The Couture Club has appeared on our very own SS17 MCR Fashion Industry catwalk and continued to rise beyond expectations since then.

Continuing it’s ‘brand-domination’ across the city, TCC’S next stroke of genius is an exciting presence in the form of a pop-up store located at the intu Trafford Centre, perfectly targeted towards the company’s demographic and also allowing old and new customers to shop in one of the North West’s most famous retail locations and experience the brand in person.

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

The adage “Here today, gone tomorrow” usually hints nostalgically at something that’s disappeared too soon. But when it comes to the increasingly common “pop-up” stores now dotting the retail landscape, the phrase describes something exciting, innovative and optimistic. For emerging brands, in particular, setting up shop in the short term, rather than settling in for the long haul, is a bona fide business strategy that creates and provides an opportunity to build further brand awareness, secure customer loyalty, and even test-market products or services with key consumers in real life.

Shopping is more than consumerism. It may involve the opportunity to spend the afternoon with friends, to temporarily alter the way one perceives himself/herself by changing physical appearance or surrounding oneself with the company they strive to keep. Despite the popularity of buying online, these highly emotional aspects of shopping maintain the appeal of buying in person.

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

Given the well-documented uptick in e-commerce sales, it might seem counterintuitive for companies to invest in a physical presence, but this isn’t the truth. Pop-up stores represent a strategic opportunity that emerging or pure-play e-commerce brands, in particular, may want to embrace in order to deepen their relationship with current and prospective consumers. In many ways, pop-up stores are a perfect retail solution to the Millennial shopper’s preference for “doing” rather than “owning.”

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

In today’s uber-competitive retail environment, it pays for brands to branch out in new and innovative ways to better understand and meet customers’ preferences. A carefully curated, strategically located, a well-executed pop-up store can help retailers build their brand while forging a deeper relationship with consumers now, and in the future.

For you fashionable male of ‘Generation Y & Z’ emerged in social media and the online world, many feel the shopping experience is no longer valued or more correctly, is undervalued. Whilst you can sit at behind a screen and order piles of products to your heart’s content, nothing can compare to the experience of walking into a store, taking in the atmosphere and being transported into a retail realm.

That’s exactly what The Couture Club does so well here, from the moment you walk in, you feel the brand and everything it stands for. It’s young, cool, edgy and ultra stylish. This is the brand you want to be seen in and feel like you should be wearing. It’s the brand your mates are talking about, backed by many popular tv & media personalities, it’s hard not to take notice.

The store has been meticulously planned, on arrival you are created with the freshest new music coming through the speakers, latest TCC campaign images brightly adorning the walls, eye-catching neon signs, and artwork all showing inspirations behind the collections.

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

It’s not all about reality tv stars and influencers, where other brands lack in quality, TCC shines through. These are solid wearable pieces that could fit into any boy or man’s wardrobe. Graphic tees, bomber & biker jackets, jeans, tracksuits, caps, shoes, all the essentials are here. From starting out with just 3 printed t-shirts the brand has now designed and released over 350 menswear products and fills the store space with ease alongside some popular ‘friends’ brands including Cali UK, Puma, Champion and Cortica footwear located on a huge shoe wall.

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

Don’t think this is all a one-man team, perhaps taking a step behind the limelight is shrewd businessman  Scott Shashua, with countless successful ventures including a football agency, supplement company, Selfie Sticks and Air Runners all to his name. The list is endless.

For Scott Shashua this is a real statement of intent for the brand, he told us “This is us turning dreams into reality, we never had any doubt in our mind that this could be achieved and now we’re happy for all to see.” “We’ve made a real conscious effort to give shoppers an experience, you can come into this store instantly feel our brand, what makes us different and what makes us special. It’s been a long road but all worth it.”

The Couture Club Store, Trafford Centre

The store offers street style with premium quality and like store managers, Joe & Lewie told us ” This is a space you can come into and enjoy shopping, you’ll struggle to come here and leave empty-handed. It’s so easy to put an outfit together, everything is under one roof.”

The statement rings true, with a barbershop even included in the store, catering to all your male grooming needs.


The Couture Club store is certainly a welcome and refreshing addition to menswear and is set to take the Trafford Centre by storm, the brand’s mantra ‘Create Your Own Identity’ really speaks volumes for this new exciting project.  Make sure you visit to see it all for yourself.

The Couture Club Store is now open at The intu Trafford Centre,
Trafford Blvd, Stretford, Manchester M17 8AA
Instagram: thecouture_club


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Hermès Luxury Laundromat Comes To Manchester In UK Exclusive

Hermès makes is set to make make Manchester the first city in the UK host it’s incredible laundromat concept

A year ahead of Hermès‘ 80th anniversary of the launch of its famous silk ‘Carré’ – the iconic silk scarves unique to the French fashion house – Hermès has launched a luxury laundromat pop-up which has traveled already to Strasbourg, Amsterdam, Munich and Kyoto.


Hermèsmatic, a playful standalone concept designed to breathe new life into pre-loved Hermès silk scarves will make its UK debut in Manchester this October 2017.

Coming to the UK for the first time, after a colourful voyage around the world, Hermèsmatic laundrette is open to everyone and offers a chance to discover the wonderful world of Hermès silk.

Here’s how it works: If you already have an Hermès scarf—maybe you inherited or were gifted one that you’ve been saving but feel just isn’t quite your colour—you can take it in to be dip-dyed for free. The colour experts on site guide you, and explain what each of the dyes would do to transform (they call it “colourful metamorphosis”) the scarf to a jewel-toned little treasure.

The dye selection process just takes a few minutes, and then the scarves are left in-store for 24-48 hours to be washed, dyed, dried, and made ready for pick-up. If you don’t have an Hermès scarf, don’t fret. They have a small selection of vintage 90 cm scarves from retired collections available

From Thursday, 5th October for 7 days, the launderette will also play host to Hermès silk styling workshops, where our specially trained stylists will dip into the Hermès scarf collections and show you a myriad of ways to wear a Hermès scarf. You can also bring your scarf to the Hermèsmatic launderette on Manchester’s King Street and select from a choice of vibrant colours – denim blue, fuchsia pink and bright red. Then watch as your scarf is transformed by the vivid and colourful dye bursting onto the print. A must visit experience for all luxury fashion fans.

The Hermès Luxury Laundromat pop-up is will be open for 7 days from Thursday 5th October – Thursday 12th October 2017
Located at 31 King St, Manchester M2 6AA

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